Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Outfit Post

Two and a half weeks ago I had a thing to go to.
I felt like wearing this dress.
Which isn't the best shape for me, but I wanted to wear it anyway.
So, I wore heels with it, which makes any frumpy shape look better because it visually elongates your body.
Two and a half weeks ago I was also feeling super duper icky sick, which is probably why I wanted to wear this shapeless dress.
Comfort. Mmmm...
(And also probably why I didn't bother to take "real" photos, but instead took "pretend" photos after all was said and done in my old cheap-o Target mirror that gets moved around my closet and bathroom.)

pulling it all together...
Dress: Vera Wang via garage sale. (It was marked $2. I told the lady I'd take it for $1. Sold.)
Shoes: Tahari. Birthday gift from hubby last year.
Earrings: Cheapy gold hoops
Bracelet/Necklace: Muted gold, thrifted (I put a knot in the necklace, which is a trick for drawing the eye in and creating a more vertical line, as opposed to the horizontal one this dress tries to bring out.)
Scarf: Via Mother-in-Law
Hair: Very, very messy sidebraid.

Really, by the time I took these the evening was over, I had already been up to Acute Care and obtained the drugs necessary to get the phlegm-filled elephant out of my sinuses, and I was exhausted.
However, this was a great example of wearing something that may not be the most flattering (simply because I stinking want to be comfy) and making it work anyway.
Heels stretch everything out, so an otherwise frumpy/dumpy silhouette can be pulled off.
Plus, the dress has pockets.
I have a thing for pockets.

The scarf added color and some warmth.
So did pinkish lip color that was no longer on me at this point.
And it worked.

Then I collapsed in bed and slept not-at-all due to the steroid they put me on.

(Look! You can see my hubby's arm in the background of that second shot. I can almost hear him saying, "I thought you were exhausted. Why are you taking pictures in the mirror?")

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