Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Outfit Post

So, evidently some of my readers would like to see more of my daily outfits.
(Yes, I know there are other readers *Hello, Uncle Jim!* that could care less.)

But, since this is a real blog for real women with real lives,
I'm thinking I'll start this new Random Outfit Post feature with the real outfits I really wear in my real life... if I actually stop to take the pics.
(Fyi, all the outfits I ever post on here are things I really wear. I have issues with fashion blogs that post outfits insinuating we should wear them when they don't even wear them.)
I already do things like Fashion Tip Friday, where oftentimes I'll show you little tips and tricks I use.
But, this is just going to be a blatant outfit post.

Because you asked.
(Well, some of you, anyway.)
And it's not that everything I wear is great, but I do like to have fun... and accessorize... and wear things that make me feel good... and pretty... and sometimes funky... and you can, too!

I have to tell ya, though, that usually I don't have the time take the time to set up the camera in a lovely location and do an artsy little shoot.
So here is me.
Outside of Ian's gymnastics practice.
Just a few minutes ago.
With my handy little laptop camera.

Today was obviously about comfort. I didn't want to do my hair, hence the hat and very messy sidebraid.
Very. Messy. Sidebraid.
My middle section wanted lots of flowy room, hence the dress. (Which is a little too big for me, but I wear it anyway.)

I layered a hippie/boho skirt under the dress because 
1.) I wanted a kind of psuedo-petticoat look,
2.) I didn't want the dress to be see-through-y when I stood on the platform at church with window light coming in behind me, which I wound up not doing anyway, so it didn't matter, and
3.) Bag-lady chic is in.  =^)

See? There she is.

And here's my lazy creative way of showing you my my accessories:

Pulling it all together...
Dress: Goodwill. Can't remember tag. Am not going to look whilst sitting here at Ian's gymnastics.
Tank: Most awesome tanks ever from French Quarter in San Luis Obispo. (Five stinking bucks.)
Petticoat/Skirt: Courtesy of my awesome friend Rachael
Denim Jacket: Gap, via Goodwill
Sandals: Some boutique in Pasadena
Hat: One of those hoochie stores years ago
Bracelets: Bone & Tusk from Uganda (Thanks, Mom!), leather Brave from GodChicks, leather Grace personalized at Epcot.
Necklace/small gold ring: Grams'
Gold Hoops: Ancient. Ross, maybe?

Alright, bloggy-peeps.
There you have it. 
A real outfit I really wore today because I'm a real woman who is living a real life.


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