Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Outfit Post and NEW HAIR!!!

I've been saying I was gonna do it for over a year...
and I finally did!

Hoo, boy. Did I ever!
The stylist and I had decided to go with a dark brown, a couple shades darker than my natural.
Ummm... it turned out kinda black-ish.
But, I love it!!!
I'm always up for an adventure, and anything can be fun for a time.
I know the color will fade, and it will be brown-ish soon enough. But, I've been blonde for seven years, so I was ready.

And, here's what I wore today for my new-ish Random Outfit Post feature.
I swear, this was my go-to outfit all summer. I would just switch up the jewelry or color of tank depending on what I was feeling.

pulling it all together...
Jeans: True Religion straight leg (Thanks to a great tip from friend-I've-never-met, Jordan.)
Tank: Best tank EVER, from shop in SLO (I think the label says Active.)
Sweater: BCBG/Max Azria (From their Final Cut store in Orlando. One of my best purchases.)
Sandals: Target clearance last June.
Bracelets: Leather Brave & Grace, Silver via Qatar (Thanks, Honey!) and Typewriter key "Tootsie" (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)
Earrings: Cheap rhinestones from Denver Airport shop
Necklaces: Vintage crystals and a rhinestone owl-type pendant that were Nate's Grandmother's
White gold ring, that you can't see: My own design, made from my Grams' diamonds.

Seriously, cuff your jeans, throw on some sassy sandals, layer a cardi over a tank and there ya go.
I told you.
Summer uniform, that transitions well to fall evidently, seeing as how it's September.
(Cardi also seen here. Love that thing.)

Love the hair.

LOVE the hair.

LOVE the HAIR!!!

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