Monday, September 13, 2010

My Little Friend

Really, it's the simple things in life that bring me so much joy.
I have a little friend that comes to see me nearly every day
and I wanted to introduce him to you.

He used to have parents around here, Ralson and Steve-ette, but I suspect they have gone to find better places in the giant orchard in heaven... probably courtesy of the foxes that live out back.
(We thought they were both boys. Then we found out Steve wasn't.)
They had been coming since last November, when my Dad put some peanuts out on the ledge one day while visiting for Thanksgiving just to see if they'd come up.
They kept coming back, and we moved the peanuts closer to the door each time.

When they had the baby, Steve-ette brought it up to the porch and kind of "introduced" us.
They would play and chase each other along the fence line, but noticeably without Ralson.
Then one day there was just the baby, and Steve-ette was gone, too.

So, this is the baby, who's growing quite large and not looking quite so baby-ish anymore.
I put peanuts on our back doormat or the ledge of the sliding glass door.
And if he comes and they're not there he'll sit and look at me until I go get them. He'll wait for me to go to the pantry, let me show him the handful through the door, then move to the side while I put them out, only coming back over when the door is closed again.
Today he was using the back stairs, but often he'll climb the peach tree on the other side of the kitchen bay window, hop onto the side of the house, and crawl around to the porch.
I know most people would think he's a nuisance, but I think God brought me this little friend just to put a little extra joy in my days.

He got a little more nervous in this one because I enlarged the recording screen on the computer and I think he could see himself in it, so he paused for a while.

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