Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Musings

*I've been enjoying my most favorite cake ever that Nate makes me every year for my birthday:
Hershey's 5 Minute Chocolate Cake.
It was our family cake growing up, the one Mom made for every birthday.
(It takes longer than 5 minutes to make.)
Now he makes it for me.
(Collectively now: "Aaaaawwww...")

*I hate scooping ice cream.
I would rather do dishes or laundry than scoop ice cream.
I posted this on facebook sometime back and lots of people responded with things I should do that would make it NOT detestable.
But, no...
(And, yes. I already have the Pampered Chef scoop.)
...I really do just hate scooping ice cream.
However, I'll do it to go with my favorite cake.
(Or to go with the kids' cake, if Nate isn't home to do it instead of me.)

*When Nate's home he scoops the ice cream so I don't have to.
(I love him.)

*I went to an amazing Women of Faith conference this past weekend.
It was incredible and totally God-given.
That will be another blog post.

*While there, on the dinner break I happened to wander down to made a bee-line for the Forever 21 on the 16th Street Mall.
It's tripled in size.

*I found three things that were on my fall/winter shopping list.
-perfect striped tee
-versatile drapey vest
-knee-high/over-the-knee socks in black, brown & cream
I bought them.
My list is now shorter.

*The remaining items on my list:
-Skinny army green cargo pants. HUGE fall trend. (JBrand knock off, because those are waaaaaayyyyy out of my price range.)

-Over-the-elbow creamy soft leather gloves (prefer vintage).

-Black shootie/booties.
(These are Louboutins, so they obviously will not be mine. But, drool factor? Beyond words.)

*Also, while at the amazing Women of Faith conference, I started to drill down one of my strengths into specific words. 
(This is, again, probably for another blog post.)
But, what it comes down to is I'm realizing I enjoy connecting with people for the purpose of encouraging them toward positive action in their lives.
A strength is something that gives you life.
A weakness is something that drains you, even if you're capable of doing it.
I am filled with life when I have connected with someone and it results in encouragement and positive action in their lives.
When they go and do and are better off for it.
Lasting change.
Lasting encouragement.
Interesting realization.
I also realized that organizing the details of something is a weakness for me.
I am capable of doing it.
I can even be good at it.
But it drains me.
Again, interesting realization.
I love it when someone else plans the details and I can just show up and love on people and encourage them... and then see them doing better down the road because of it.

*But, seeing as how for the 2011 Women of Faith conference I signed up to be a group leader and bring 75 women, this thread seems to vary depending on the circumstances.
Because if I'm leading a group of women toward something that will have a huge impact on their lives, encourage them and change their everyday for the better...
then I must not mind planning it so we can all go and experience it together.
(Want to go with me? Watch this blog for information on how to sign up!)

*My brain easily jumps from thought to thought to thought.
But, if you've read this blog for more than two posts, you are already aware of this fact.

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