Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday

Sometimes, it just takes seeing things from a different perspective.

Take this necklace.
Normally, I would wear it like this:

You probably would, too. Right?
But, I was looking at it the other day and thought, why? What makes me naturally put the largest part at the bottom?

So, I tried it like this:

Love! It just makes it a little more interesting, you know?
(And that little smirk, I'm sure that helps, too.)

Here's the whole outfit:

Yes, I fully realize I'm getting lazy with my photo-taking. We discussed this the other day.
I set the computer on the counter and used Mac's Photo Booth.
But, I haven't been doing as many outfit posts lately because we're just so busy. So, I haven't been taking the time while it's light outside to set the camera up. 
So, it's this or nothing. 

Pulling it all together...
Sweater: Old Navy via Goodwill
Black Tee: Target ages ago
Leggings: VS semi-annual sale
Boots: Thrifted, because God loves me.
Necklace: Gift from my sister.
Earrings: Thrifted silver
Bracelets: Silver, one from Grams, the other from my amazing husband via Qatar

This is seriously one of the most comfy outfits. I mean, leggings and a long sweater that totally mimics a sweatshirt? Mmm-hmm.

The point of this post: What can you look at from a different perspective?
What have you been wearing the same way for quite a while that could look great worn a different way?
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