Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Vera,

You are not helping me reach my goal of "Thou shalt not covet."
At all.
At. All.
Although, you are encouraging me to be more creative with my use of pearl necklaces.
You're also encouraging me, unbeknownst to you, to visit more thrift stores to find more of said necklaces...
...which may or may not be helpful, fyi.

Why? Why, you ask?
Because your fall collection is to die for.
No, seriously.
I die.
(Me and Rachel Zoe.)

Your spring accessory collection was something else and led me into a whole new realm of layering:

(these last two are necklace as belt/belt as necklace, also seen on the cover of Elle's March issue:

(...which is the only reason I bought that issue as I walked past in the store. The necklace. The gloriousness of the necklace... that's also a belt... as seen above.)

I digress.

But, Vera. My dear Vera. Lovely Vera Wang. Your perfection of pearls this fall is just out of this world.
The brilliance of piling them on all in the same color, same sheen, intricately woven and mixed in an ideal arrangement of ordered chaos.
And, layering them over such luscious textures? Looking at the photos makes me think our economy is in an upswing or something.

I will drool and do my best to attempt to duplicate.
I will search my favorite thrift stores for strands of pearls.
I will probably even go to Kohl's in January in the hopes some of your retail-end pieces are marked down to my price range.
But, please know I can never, ever splurge on one of your designer pieces.
(If I ever happen to find myself walking down a red carpet, I will be knocking on your door beforehand asking for a jewelry loan, though.)

Thank you for the inspiration.
Thank you for the incredible dream fodder you have left me with.
Dare I say, black and gray have never looked so appealing and creative to me as they do in this moment.
(And, you have only succeeded in heightening my mad search for over-the-elbow creamy soft leather gloves. I was already on the hunt, but now it is at fever pitch.)

You are brilliant. Truly brilliant.

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