Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Musings

*I've been enjoying my most favorite cake ever that Nate makes me every year for my birthday:
Hershey's 5 Minute Chocolate Cake.
It was our family cake growing up, the one Mom made for every birthday.
(It takes longer than 5 minutes to make.)
Now he makes it for me.
(Collectively now: "Aaaaawwww...")

*I hate scooping ice cream.
I would rather do dishes or laundry than scoop ice cream.
I posted this on facebook sometime back and lots of people responded with things I should do that would make it NOT detestable.
But, no...
(And, yes. I already have the Pampered Chef scoop.)
...I really do just hate scooping ice cream.
However, I'll do it to go with my favorite cake.
(Or to go with the kids' cake, if Nate isn't home to do it instead of me.)

*When Nate's home he scoops the ice cream so I don't have to.
(I love him.)

*I went to an amazing Women of Faith conference this past weekend.
It was incredible and totally God-given.
That will be another blog post.

*While there, on the dinner break I happened to wander down to made a bee-line for the Forever 21 on the 16th Street Mall.
It's tripled in size.

*I found three things that were on my fall/winter shopping list.
-perfect striped tee
-versatile drapey vest
-knee-high/over-the-knee socks in black, brown & cream
I bought them.
My list is now shorter.

*The remaining items on my list:
-Skinny army green cargo pants. HUGE fall trend. (JBrand knock off, because those are waaaaaayyyyy out of my price range.)

-Over-the-elbow creamy soft leather gloves (prefer vintage).

-Black shootie/booties.
(These are Louboutins, so they obviously will not be mine. But, drool factor? Beyond words.)

*Also, while at the amazing Women of Faith conference, I started to drill down one of my strengths into specific words. 
(This is, again, probably for another blog post.)
But, what it comes down to is I'm realizing I enjoy connecting with people for the purpose of encouraging them toward positive action in their lives.
A strength is something that gives you life.
A weakness is something that drains you, even if you're capable of doing it.
I am filled with life when I have connected with someone and it results in encouragement and positive action in their lives.
When they go and do and are better off for it.
Lasting change.
Lasting encouragement.
Interesting realization.
I also realized that organizing the details of something is a weakness for me.
I am capable of doing it.
I can even be good at it.
But it drains me.
Again, interesting realization.
I love it when someone else plans the details and I can just show up and love on people and encourage them... and then see them doing better down the road because of it.

*But, seeing as how for the 2011 Women of Faith conference I signed up to be a group leader and bring 75 women, this thread seems to vary depending on the circumstances.
Because if I'm leading a group of women toward something that will have a huge impact on their lives, encourage them and change their everyday for the better...
then I must not mind planning it so we can all go and experience it together.
(Want to go with me? Watch this blog for information on how to sign up!)

*My brain easily jumps from thought to thought to thought.
But, if you've read this blog for more than two posts, you are already aware of this fact.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Outfit Post

Two and a half weeks ago I had a thing to go to.
I felt like wearing this dress.
Which isn't the best shape for me, but I wanted to wear it anyway.
So, I wore heels with it, which makes any frumpy shape look better because it visually elongates your body.
Two and a half weeks ago I was also feeling super duper icky sick, which is probably why I wanted to wear this shapeless dress.
Comfort. Mmmm...
(And also probably why I didn't bother to take "real" photos, but instead took "pretend" photos after all was said and done in my old cheap-o Target mirror that gets moved around my closet and bathroom.)

pulling it all together...
Dress: Vera Wang via garage sale. (It was marked $2. I told the lady I'd take it for $1. Sold.)
Shoes: Tahari. Birthday gift from hubby last year.
Earrings: Cheapy gold hoops
Bracelet/Necklace: Muted gold, thrifted (I put a knot in the necklace, which is a trick for drawing the eye in and creating a more vertical line, as opposed to the horizontal one this dress tries to bring out.)
Scarf: Via Mother-in-Law
Hair: Very, very messy sidebraid.

Really, by the time I took these the evening was over, I had already been up to Acute Care and obtained the drugs necessary to get the phlegm-filled elephant out of my sinuses, and I was exhausted.
However, this was a great example of wearing something that may not be the most flattering (simply because I stinking want to be comfy) and making it work anyway.
Heels stretch everything out, so an otherwise frumpy/dumpy silhouette can be pulled off.
Plus, the dress has pockets.
I have a thing for pockets.

The scarf added color and some warmth.
So did pinkish lip color that was no longer on me at this point.
And it worked.

Then I collapsed in bed and slept not-at-all due to the steroid they put me on.

(Look! You can see my hubby's arm in the background of that second shot. I can almost hear him saying, "I thought you were exhausted. Why are you taking pictures in the mirror?")

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Everyone, Overcome

Yesterday, I sat and listened to a friend talk about the struggle they have been facing with their oldest son.
Anger, drugs, poor choices... and the tough love they've had to show him.
I listened to her talk of the heartache and the boundaries and the holding to their word.
I heard her speak of the hope they have, but also the knowledge that oftentimes what we think is rock bottom isn't someone else's rock bottom.

Hearing my friend share open and raw from her heart... it was a God moment.
Because she and her husband are walking through it.
They are in the middle of extremely difficult circumstances and are keeping their eyes fixed on God, fixed on the hope that we have in Christ.
They are seeking His leading, and leaning into the wisdom that only comes from the Holy Spirit.

This is their testimony.

Last week I had the privilege of praying with a woman who has dealt with severe emotional scars her entire life.
She spoke of how she had gotten past the anger. She had forgiven. But, there are still these deep, deep wounds that form a heaviness she carries with her all the time.
Everywhere she goes.
Over thirty years later.
I asked her if this was something she ever talked about, if she ever shared with anyone what she's gone through.
No. Her answer was no. She never shares. No one would understand. Her circumstances are so unique that she feels like she can't ever talk about it with people.
With anyone.
So she walks around with a heaviness from something she's come out of, but won't ever speak of.
Her testimony, hidden.

I was heartbroken.

Revelation 12:10-11 talks about the one who accuses us, and how we have overcome him.
"Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night. And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony."

The blood of the Lamb has already been shed for us.
Christ, the perfect sacrifice, gave His life on the cross so salvation would be available to those who would freely receive it.
There is nothing we need to do except believe that He is who He says He is and that He has done what He says He has done.
For us.

But, the word of our testimony is something we give.
We choose to share our testimony, and in doing so we overcome the one who stands and accuses us.
We encourage others to share, and in turn to overcome.

Because it's a two-part process.
We can be saved. We can receive the free gift of salvation and have eternal life in heaven, the opposite of which is eternal death in hell. (This death is quite different from the death of this world.)
But we overcome by sharing our testimony. We overcome our accuser by boldly proclaiming what Christ has done for us.
We have to choose to proclaim!

Yesterday I listened to my amazing friend share how they are walking through this part of their testimony.
It is hard, but there is life and hope in her eyes.
And by her sharing this testimony, from right in the middle of it, she is an encouragement to all who hear her, that they in turn can claim the hope that is in Christ and look to Him in the middle of their circumstances... and overcome.
Because what the enemy means for bad, Christ turns and uses for good.
And this is our testimony.

Listening to my other friend last week, I was heartbroken to see her heaviness because she has chosen not to share.
She has bought the lie that no one will care or understand... that no good can or will come from it.
(Because our accuser accuses us day and night.)
And so she is weary and heavy, and is definitely not overcoming.
It was an honor to pray with this woman. I encouraged her to share her testimony. I told her that others need to hear what God has brought her out of, and even though it doesn't feel like life has come from it... life will come as she shares.
I saw a flicker of light in her eyes, a glimmer of hope as she looked up at me and said, "Really? Do you really think I should share?"
"That is how we overcome," I said. "By the blood of the Lamb, which you've already received, and by the word of our testimony, which is you sharing. People need you. Women need you to share so they can be encouraged and in turn share. It doesn't mean that you share things when you're uncomfortable or not ready. But, it does mean stepping out when you feel that tug on your heart. That's the Holy Spirit prompting you to share the word of your testimony. That is how we overcome."
And I saw hope where I had not seen hope before.

So many of us are walking around, secure in our salvation in Christ, but heavy and burdened because we are not overcoming.
We are keeping hidden our testimonies... testimonies that others need to hear and be encouraged by.
Testimonies that are often not fully realized until we do share.
We've bought the lie that no one cares, that sharing will just bring more heartache. We live in the shame of things from years past, letting them weigh down our present. We know it's covered by the blood of the Lamb (if we've received that), but we don't live in that place.
If there is anything we are unwilling to share, it means we are choosing to keep something hidden.
That doesn't mean we need to spill our deepest experiences to anyone and everyone that crosses our path... there is wisdom we should have in our words.
But it does mean we need to be willing to share if the Holy Spirit prompts us.
That is where we overcome by the word of our testimony.

Like my friend and what they are walking through with her oldest son, confident in the hope that is only found in the blood of the Lamb.
Like my friend who walked through an abortion when she was young and has found the freedom, grace and forgiveness that is only in the blood of the Lamb.
Like my friend who struggled with crippling insecurity for years and is now finding complete confidence  that is only in the blood of the Lamb.
Like my friend who has walked through a messy divorce and is experiencing daily the security and strength that only comes from the blood of the Lamb.
Like my friend who is overcoming an addiction to pornography and is walking every day in freedom and joy because of the blood of the Lamb.
Like my friend who is clean and sober after years of drug and alcohol abuse because she has found purpose and fullness and grace in the blood of the Lamb.
Like my friend who went through the trauma of severe sexual abuse, and is now leading other women into healing because of the healing she found in the blood of the Lamb.
Like me, who was carrying around the emotional baggage of poor choices and fear, and the crippling need for others' approval, and am now living in the freedom of life in Christ and the blessing, grace and confidence that can only be found in the blood of the Lamb... and the word of my testimony.

Because we will overcome.
And we will keep overcoming.
By the blood of the Lamb (receiving it) and the word of our testimony (sharing it).
Everyone, overcome.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Outfit Post and NEW HAIR!!!

I've been saying I was gonna do it for over a year...
and I finally did!

Hoo, boy. Did I ever!
The stylist and I had decided to go with a dark brown, a couple shades darker than my natural.
Ummm... it turned out kinda black-ish.
But, I love it!!!
I'm always up for an adventure, and anything can be fun for a time.
I know the color will fade, and it will be brown-ish soon enough. But, I've been blonde for seven years, so I was ready.

And, here's what I wore today for my new-ish Random Outfit Post feature.
I swear, this was my go-to outfit all summer. I would just switch up the jewelry or color of tank depending on what I was feeling.

pulling it all together...
Jeans: True Religion straight leg (Thanks to a great tip from friend-I've-never-met, Jordan.)
Tank: Best tank EVER, from shop in SLO (I think the label says Active.)
Sweater: BCBG/Max Azria (From their Final Cut store in Orlando. One of my best purchases.)
Sandals: Target clearance last June.
Bracelets: Leather Brave & Grace, Silver via Qatar (Thanks, Honey!) and Typewriter key "Tootsie" (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)
Earrings: Cheap rhinestones from Denver Airport shop
Necklaces: Vintage crystals and a rhinestone owl-type pendant that were Nate's Grandmother's
White gold ring, that you can't see: My own design, made from my Grams' diamonds.

Seriously, cuff your jeans, throw on some sassy sandals, layer a cardi over a tank and there ya go.
I told you.
Summer uniform, that transitions well to fall evidently, seeing as how it's September.
(Cardi also seen here. Love that thing.)

Love the hair.

LOVE the hair.

LOVE the HAIR!!!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Game Changer

Our awesome pastor, Brady Boyd, recently spoke as a part of The Nines leadership event that was shown online and reached around 25,000 leaders.
He was asked to speak on a Game Changing moment in his ministry life, and how it affected him.
What he said was very powerful, and all truth.
It is why our church is still not only standing, but thriving.

I hope you take just a few minutes and check it out:
Brady Boyd:The Nines:Game Changing Moment from Timothy Dumais on Vimeo.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Outfit Post

So, evidently some of my readers would like to see more of my daily outfits.
(Yes, I know there are other readers *Hello, Uncle Jim!* that could care less.)

But, since this is a real blog for real women with real lives,
I'm thinking I'll start this new Random Outfit Post feature with the real outfits I really wear in my real life... if I actually stop to take the pics.
(Fyi, all the outfits I ever post on here are things I really wear. I have issues with fashion blogs that post outfits insinuating we should wear them when they don't even wear them.)
I already do things like Fashion Tip Friday, where oftentimes I'll show you little tips and tricks I use.
But, this is just going to be a blatant outfit post.

Because you asked.
(Well, some of you, anyway.)
And it's not that everything I wear is great, but I do like to have fun... and accessorize... and wear things that make me feel good... and pretty... and sometimes funky... and you can, too!

I have to tell ya, though, that usually I don't have the time take the time to set up the camera in a lovely location and do an artsy little shoot.
So here is me.
Outside of Ian's gymnastics practice.
Just a few minutes ago.
With my handy little laptop camera.

Today was obviously about comfort. I didn't want to do my hair, hence the hat and very messy sidebraid.
Very. Messy. Sidebraid.
My middle section wanted lots of flowy room, hence the dress. (Which is a little too big for me, but I wear it anyway.)

I layered a hippie/boho skirt under the dress because 
1.) I wanted a kind of psuedo-petticoat look,
2.) I didn't want the dress to be see-through-y when I stood on the platform at church with window light coming in behind me, which I wound up not doing anyway, so it didn't matter, and
3.) Bag-lady chic is in.  =^)

See? There she is.

And here's my lazy creative way of showing you my my accessories:

Pulling it all together...
Dress: Goodwill. Can't remember tag. Am not going to look whilst sitting here at Ian's gymnastics.
Tank: Most awesome tanks ever from French Quarter in San Luis Obispo. (Five stinking bucks.)
Petticoat/Skirt: Courtesy of my awesome friend Rachael
Denim Jacket: Gap, via Goodwill
Sandals: Some boutique in Pasadena
Hat: One of those hoochie stores years ago
Bracelets: Bone & Tusk from Uganda (Thanks, Mom!), leather Brave from GodChicks, leather Grace personalized at Epcot.
Necklace/small gold ring: Grams'
Gold Hoops: Ancient. Ross, maybe?

Alright, bloggy-peeps.
There you have it. 
A real outfit I really wore today because I'm a real woman who is living a real life.


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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Little Friend

Really, it's the simple things in life that bring me so much joy.
I have a little friend that comes to see me nearly every day
and I wanted to introduce him to you.

He used to have parents around here, Ralson and Steve-ette, but I suspect they have gone to find better places in the giant orchard in heaven... probably courtesy of the foxes that live out back.
(We thought they were both boys. Then we found out Steve wasn't.)
They had been coming since last November, when my Dad put some peanuts out on the ledge one day while visiting for Thanksgiving just to see if they'd come up.
They kept coming back, and we moved the peanuts closer to the door each time.

When they had the baby, Steve-ette brought it up to the porch and kind of "introduced" us.
They would play and chase each other along the fence line, but noticeably without Ralson.
Then one day there was just the baby, and Steve-ette was gone, too.

So, this is the baby, who's growing quite large and not looking quite so baby-ish anymore.
I put peanuts on our back doormat or the ledge of the sliding glass door.
And if he comes and they're not there he'll sit and look at me until I go get them. He'll wait for me to go to the pantry, let me show him the handful through the door, then move to the side while I put them out, only coming back over when the door is closed again.
Today he was using the back stairs, but often he'll climb the peach tree on the other side of the kitchen bay window, hop onto the side of the house, and crawl around to the porch.
I know most people would think he's a nuisance, but I think God brought me this little friend just to put a little extra joy in my days.

He got a little more nervous in this one because I enlarged the recording screen on the computer and I think he could see himself in it, so he paused for a while.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Cross at Ground Zero

The plaque reads:
The Cross at Ground Zero

Founded Sept. 13, 2001
Blessed Oct. 4, 2001
Temporarily Relocated
Oct. 15, 2006
Will return to WTC Museum
A sign of comfort for ALL

Following the attacks, a massive operation was launched to find survivors among the rubble and clear away debris.
On September 13th Frank Silecchia, a worker at Ground Zero, discovered this 20 foot cross amidst the destruction of 6 World Trade Center.
However, it was not simply a cross remaining from the wreckage of building 6. 
It was a cross of beams from 1 World Trade Center that had crashed into building 6 as building 1 crumbled to the ground.
Those who participated in the rescue and clean-up efforts at site used it as a place of prayer and remembrance.
Firefighters, police officers, construction workers and family members started holding weekly Sunday services at the site.
The names of police officers and firefighters who sacrificed their lives on 9/11 were scribbled on the cross, along with the phrase, "God Bless Our Fallen Brothers." 
When it began to hinder further operations, Silecchia and other workers received approval from the office of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to move it to the former plaza on Church Street near Liberty. 
It remained there on a pedestal until October 5th, 2006, when it was relocated to St. Peter's. It sits on the Church Street side of the building, between Barclay and Vesey Streets.
Many families of the victims would like the cross to be included in the World Trade Center Memorial. 
Other organizations, including American Atheists and the Coalition for Jewish Concerns, disagree.

I took this picture on April 3rd, 2008, after Nate and I had the opportunity to walk through Ground Zero.
(You can see more photos from that beyond-words experience here.)

It was a moving moment.
Even in the midst of our greatest tragedies, God is there to comfort and walk with us.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Help Me STOP Child Trafficking

Over 2 million children are currently enslaved around the world, including every single one of the 50 United States.
They have been stolen. They have been sold. They are being held captive.
On average, a child sex slave is forced to service up to 40 men a day.
Girls just like my nine year old daughter...
boys just like my 14, 11 and 7 year old sons...
 children just like your children.

We need to stop waiting for others to end this horrific crime and step up and be a part of the solution ourselves.

Stop Child Trafficking Now funds a bold, new approach that addresses the demand side of child sex trafficking. SCTNow targets buyers and predators for prosecution and conviction with the philosophy that if we extinguish the demand, we extinguish the crime.

And I am partnering with them to stop child trafficking now

On the weekend of October 2-3, 2010, thousands of individuals (including me!) in communities across the United States and Canada will participate in Stop Child Trafficking Now walks to raise funds and bring awareness to the issue of child trafficking.

Not only am I walking to help put an end to modern-day slavery, but I have formed a team, Stilettos & Grace, so we can fight for this goal together.
Please help in one of three ways:

Become part of the Stilettos & Grace team! If you live in the Colorado Springs area, sign up to walk with me on October 2nd. Help raise money to put an end to one of the worst crimes of humanity, and raise awareness at the same time.
You can register by going here, visiting or by calling 212-333-SCTN.


If you don't live in the Colorado Springs area, go to and find a walk that's taking place near you and sign up! 


Go here and click on "Support Me" to take part by making a financial contribution. 
You can also write a check to SCTNow and mail it to 
414 West 51st Street, Lower Level, New York, NY 10019. 
(Please write my name in the memo line.)

Any contributions you make go directly to abolish the atrocity of child slavery.
Please give anything you can to help.
Give $5 and don't stop by that coffee shop tomorrow.
Give $10 and bring lunch from home next Tuesday instead of going to that restaurant.
Give $100 just because you can.

Anything helps.
Because we see suffering and can turn away when we've had enough.
These children can't turn away, because they're the ones suffering in captivity.

For more information, please visit

And, if you happen to live in Denver there is not only a walk you can participate in, but there is also a Stiletto Run
How awesome is that?

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Marriage

Nate and I have spent time with quite a few of our married friends lately.
Whether it's having them over for dinner, or going out, or catching up around town or on summer vacation, we've just had that opportunity.

We've been with friends who seem to be existing in their relationship, but it's obvious they aren't thriving
Kind of a day-to-day whatever that sometimes results in arguments, but seldom in joy or passion.

We've been with friends who, without an immediate revelation, are literally standing at the doorpost of divorce. Time wasn't invested, communication differences were never discovered and breached, and the foundation of one another has not been enough to weather the everyday storms. 
(It never is.)

We've been with friends who are passionately in love, with a herd of kiddos and more on the way. It's not that life has been easy for them, it's that they've bonded stronger through all of it. They are one another's best friends and biggest encouragers. The way they look at each other makes us smile.

The thing we've seen in these friends' marriages and so many more is that the strength and depth of a married relationship is directly related to something.
It's something that goes beyond the individual, past even the confines of "you" as a couple.
The level of "success" of these relationships is directly related to a pursing of a relationship with Christ.
A pursuing together and a pursing apart.
A pursuing as a married couple after the heart of God for your future, praying together and launching into the great wild that is this life.
But also a pursuing of each of us as individuals after our own, intimate relationship with our Creator.

When both husband and wife are pursuing together and individually, that's where the secret lies.

Because most anything can survive on it's own for a while.
We can muscle through and say "We've got this" and live in the ups and downs of the emotions of life together.
But, after a time we need a foundation that goes deeper. We need something to stand on that isn't just each other.
(If something isn't growing, it's dying. There really is no such thing as stagnant in a marriage, or stagnant life in general. It's either life-giving or it's not.)
And the sooner you start laying that foundation of Christ... investing... growing... the better.

To thrive in our married relationship, it is absolutely the only way.
Nothing else will last.
The world has a few ways it promotes, to try this new thing or this marriage fad or this next, great adventure.
But, nothing the world can offer will ever last, and we'll always find ourselves moving back to mediocrity and looking for something else new to try.
Or we'll move from relationship to relationship, wondering why we never find one the "fulfills us fully."
On our own, without the hope and promise of Christ, we will always fail.
Whether sooner or later, failure will come.
Whether it comes in a going of our own ways...
or whether it slips in quietly as a forgetting of what could be and an almost unaware accepting of a lukewarm forever.
An absence of thriving. An absence of full life.
But, with the foundation of the hope of Christ beneath our feet, shoring up the wayward emotions of our souls, we will flourish.
For a lifetime long, we will flourish.

We. Will. Flourish.

Our lukewarm married friends have a relationship with Christ, but they rarely pursue it. They come back to it from time to time, but they aren't wholly reliant on it as their source.
And it shows.

Our friends in need of revelation have never known a relationship with Christ. If they were to discover it now, there is so much hope! But, without it, they are ultimately lost... in this or any relationship they enter into.
And it shows.

Our so-in-love friends are ever-looking to Christ as their foundation. They don't rely on each other to fill that void. Their relationship isn't perfect, just like no one's is perfect. They have disagreements. They have "off" days. But, they are so in love because they have so much hope for each other and for the future. Solid, foundational hope.
And it shows.

Do you have that hope? Do you have that foundation in your marriage?
If you're not married, are you fervently pursuing an intimate relationship with Christ so you have that foundation as an individual?
And, if you are married and pursuing Christ but are frustrated because your spouse is not, be encouraged! God is faithful. Always faithful.
He sees and He knows and He will bless you for your perseverance.

We were not meant to go through life with the day-to-day whatever.
We were not meant to throw our hands in the air and give up.
We were created to thrive and embrace the fullness of this life our Creator has breathed into us!
"I have come that you might have life, and life to the full." -John 10:10

There is a Foundation to plant your marriage on that will be your source of hope... of strength... of joy... of passion (and, whoah, do I mean passion).
He will be your source on those I-don't-like-you-too-much-today days.
He will be your perseverance through the trials that come. (And they will come.)
And He will be the success in your full-life, life-long marriage.

Oh, how I never want to stop pursuing!!!
Oh, how WE never want to stop pursuing!!!

(I love you, honey. You're the best friend and most amazing husband this girl could ever have.)
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Vera,

You are not helping me reach my goal of "Thou shalt not covet."
At all.
At. All.
Although, you are encouraging me to be more creative with my use of pearl necklaces.
You're also encouraging me, unbeknownst to you, to visit more thrift stores to find more of said necklaces...
...which may or may not be helpful, fyi.

Why? Why, you ask?
Because your fall collection is to die for.
No, seriously.
I die.
(Me and Rachel Zoe.)

Your spring accessory collection was something else and led me into a whole new realm of layering:

(these last two are necklace as belt/belt as necklace, also seen on the cover of Elle's March issue:

(...which is the only reason I bought that issue as I walked past in the store. The necklace. The gloriousness of the necklace... that's also a belt... as seen above.)

I digress.

But, Vera. My dear Vera. Lovely Vera Wang. Your perfection of pearls this fall is just out of this world.
The brilliance of piling them on all in the same color, same sheen, intricately woven and mixed in an ideal arrangement of ordered chaos.
And, layering them over such luscious textures? Looking at the photos makes me think our economy is in an upswing or something.

I will drool and do my best to attempt to duplicate.
I will search my favorite thrift stores for strands of pearls.
I will probably even go to Kohl's in January in the hopes some of your retail-end pieces are marked down to my price range.
But, please know I can never, ever splurge on one of your designer pieces.
(If I ever happen to find myself walking down a red carpet, I will be knocking on your door beforehand asking for a jewelry loan, though.)

Thank you for the inspiration.
Thank you for the incredible dream fodder you have left me with.
Dare I say, black and gray have never looked so appealing and creative to me as they do in this moment.
(And, you have only succeeded in heightening my mad search for over-the-elbow creamy soft leather gloves. I was already on the hunt, but now it is at fever pitch.)

You are brilliant. Truly brilliant.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday

Sometimes, it just takes seeing things from a different perspective.

Take this necklace.
Normally, I would wear it like this:

You probably would, too. Right?
But, I was looking at it the other day and thought, why? What makes me naturally put the largest part at the bottom?

So, I tried it like this:

Love! It just makes it a little more interesting, you know?
(And that little smirk, I'm sure that helps, too.)

Here's the whole outfit:

Yes, I fully realize I'm getting lazy with my photo-taking. We discussed this the other day.
I set the computer on the counter and used Mac's Photo Booth.
But, I haven't been doing as many outfit posts lately because we're just so busy. So, I haven't been taking the time while it's light outside to set the camera up. 
So, it's this or nothing. 

Pulling it all together...
Sweater: Old Navy via Goodwill
Black Tee: Target ages ago
Leggings: VS semi-annual sale
Boots: Thrifted, because God loves me.
Necklace: Gift from my sister.
Earrings: Thrifted silver
Bracelets: Silver, one from Grams, the other from my amazing husband via Qatar

This is seriously one of the most comfy outfits. I mean, leggings and a long sweater that totally mimics a sweatshirt? Mmm-hmm.

The point of this post: What can you look at from a different perspective?
What have you been wearing the same way for quite a while that could look great worn a different way?
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