Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yummy Fancy (Cheater) Muffins

I remember Mom making muffins extra yummy and fancy when I was little, and I thought everyone did.
Then I discovered that, no, everyone does NOT make their muffins extra yummy OR fancy.

Except, Mom made them from scratch.
Because she's amazing like that.


 Step 1.  Buy mini muffins at Costco. *wink*

Step 2.  Melt butter in one bowl and put sugar in another.
Step 3.  Dip muffin first in butter, then in sugar.
Step 4.  Place on fancy cake plate so people assume you made them yourself. (And they'll look pretty.)

Step 5.  Enjoy your Yummy Fancy Muffins. But, remember to hide the Costco container or people will know that they're Yummy Fancy (Cheater) Muffins.

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