Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday

Back a forever-a-go I had some lovely little thrifted shorter-than-calf-higher-than-ankle-ish boots.
(Yes, I'm the queen of brief descriptions.)
Then they died.

I've been wanting some black boots. 
Half to replace those, half because... well... I've wanted them.
Maybe kind of cowboy, but not completely cowboy.
But, vintage is always fun.
Alas, my favorite thrift stores weren't turning up any such treasure and I wasn't going to pay full price for a new pair.

The great thing about vacation is it takes you to far away, formerly unknown shopping territories!
While hanging with my sis-in-law in Redmond, Oregon we thought our coffee would best be followed up by a visit to the local thrift store. 
Well, I thought it best. 
She didn't argue.
(I know. That's hard to believe. That going to a thrift store would cross my mind.)

I had taken no more than ten steps in the front door when I looked to my right and...
the angels didn't sing.
There was no light shining down from Heaven.
But, I did spy a folded over pair of black something-or-other on the top shelf of the disheveled shoe rack...

...and my instinct kicked in.

I ran walked straight over and pulled what I found to be boot shafts up to their full height.
Ooooooo... 80's vintage.
Soft, creamy leather.
Krinkled soft, creamy leather.
I turned them over to find $6.99 marked in white chalk on the bottom.
Looked in the shaft...
size 7 1/2!!!!!

Seriously, people. I'm telling you.
God is in my shopping.
He knows just what I'm looking for and just what will bless my socks off,
even when I've forgotten.
(Because, really, I had nearly given up hope.)

They are quickly becoming some of my favs with everything.
Skirts, shorts, skinny jeans, leggings.
Ah, yes. The 80's version of the trendy cowboy boot...complete with krinkles:

I know these pics aren't the greatest, but I've been very lazy lately and have resorted to using my iPhoto Booth for almost everything. Which is fun, but not the most detailed.

You can kind of see here I'm wearing them with World's Most Comfy Skirt, (which you haven't been introduced to yet but I practically lived in while on vacation).

At $6.99 they were a bit of a thrift shopping splurge for me.
Laugh if you must, but I tend to keep my shoe purchases below four dollars.
However, for boots? Totally worth it.
Especially for the exact boots I had been hunting for.

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