Friday, August 20, 2010

Happiness & Toenails

Here I sit at Ian's gym.
I keep looking down at my newly-blue toenails.
Actually, not newly, newly blue, because they were a shimmery light blue for the past two weeks.
And Air Force blue before that.
But, newly this shade of blue.

Because I saw this shade on Love, Maegan early in the summer.
And I wanted it.
But by the time I actually got around to going to get it, I couldn't find it.
Come to learn, it was sold out in the stores here because it was a special summer resort collection.

*cue dramatic, hero-to-the rescue music* incredible, knight-in-shining-armor husband went on eBay and FOUND it for me!
(Cheaper than it would have been in the store, I might add. Even with shipping.)
It didn't occur to me to buy nail polish on eBay.
(You can just stop with the "what if it's used" statements right now.)

It came the other day, much to my squeals of delight.
But I didn't have the chance to put it on until this afternoon.
And now I keep looking at how lovely my Lapis of Luxury blue toenails look as I sit here at Ian's gym.


Especially in those gold sandals I bought half-price on the Target sale rack in June... after I saw how good they looked on my friend. (Hi, Tammy!)

If you want to be the proud owner of toenails this shade, you can still get your own bottle.
Or I'll share, but you have to come visit me. *wink*

And now I have a new color to look forward to for the fall: Essie's Wicked.
Because shipping was the same for two as it was for one.
So, why not?
(And it's named Wicked.
Ooooooo... *shudder*

Oh, here's a farther away shot... just to prove I'm at the gym.
Because that first shot could have been faked to make it look like I was at the gym.
Because so many moms try to fake running their kids around to sports practices.

(Why does mac photobooth make the images look like they're in a mirror?
Is there a way to flip them?)

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