Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Things vs. God Things

School started today.
I realize it's still August, but for me this means fall is here.
The calendar becomes very colorful with commitments.
I go through my days a little more sleepy and a little more reliant on that morning coffee and that afternoon soda.
(Hey, you have vices, too. Back off.)

Last night I sat at my favorite spot at our kitchen table... the spot where I can see Pike's Peak... and I made a list.
On one side I listed the things I am definitely committing to this year.
(Year: The time span between when school starts and when school ends.)
On the other side I listed the things I'd like to be involved in, things I've been asked to be involved in, and things I'm just not sure about.
All of them are good.
They're Good Things.
They're all about people, which is what I'm about.

God reminded me the other day that I need to make sure I'm committing to God Things.
Because there are so many good, wonderful things I would love to jump into!
But, at the end of the day I want my schedule to be filled with what God is calling me to do.
I was reminded that if I fill my time with Good Things, then I may not be able to jump into the God Things when they come along.

So, I have my list.
I'm praying over it.
Praying that I'll know what the God Things are.
Because God Things and Good Things are both good.
But, sometimes God Things may not seem on the outside as attractive as Good Things, and we can miss them if we only look at the surface.
And sometimes Good Things look quite wonderful, so we think they're God Things because we don't stop and ask.
And things that are God Things to one person are simply Good Things to another,
because we each have our own unique calling and talents and gifts.
And mine isn't yours.
And yours isn't mine.
But we can have a tendency to get that confused.

I'm taking the time to stop and ask.

Because this is serious stuff.
This is life-changing, world-changing, culture-changing stuff.
And sometimes the simplest of commitments can reach farther into lives and time than we ever dreamed.
And sometimes the simplest of commitments becomes just busyness that drains us of energy we could have... should have... been directing elsewhere.

So it is with God Things...

...which is why I'm taking the time to stop and ask.

(I'm so glad God is faithful to remind me.)

(I love how it's said here!)
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