Friday, August 6, 2010

Catching up...

Vacation is wonderful.

The downside is you've got to come back to the Catching-Up thing.
The piles of mail to sort through.
The phone calls to return.
The emails to return.
The toilets to clean that somehow got ridiculously dirty more ridiculously dirty while you were gone.
(Why does evaporating water need to make everything gross?)
The laundry to do.
(It wasn't too bad this time, since we tried to stay up on it while we were gone. Yes, we. I keep telling you Nate is an amazing husband.)

The last two days we've been doing the Catching-Up thing as it pertains to running around and getting school supplies.
Because if we wait another week, they'll all be gone.
Like last year, when we were running around the night before trying to find a stupid Steno notebook that for some reason only one stinking store carries in individual quantities.
Because I don't need a pack of twelve Steno notebooks. 
I need one.
For a fourth grader.
(And, fyi schools, they don't like to sell blue dry erase markers in only-blue packs.
I've only found them in the four pack with other colors that you say you don't need.
So, you're getting black... because they are sold in only-black packs.)

Today Nate went back to work.
(We always try to take a couple extra days of leave after we return from vacation just so we can play catch up and re-enter life a bit more prepped and rested.)
So I'm sitting here on the couch with my amazing-beyond-belief laptop taking care of emails and whatnot.
The kids have played a bit too much Wii.
I know that because they're now arguing.
And I just realized my coffee cup is again empty.

Since blog posts are way more fun with photos, I thought I'd experiment with the Photo Booth app.

My new favorite sweatshirt. From Goodwill in Oregon. Because why pay full price for a new one when you can pay just few bucks for one that someone else has already done the work of breaking in? 
Hey! Look! The words read like I'm looking in a mirror! 

I realized how many wrinkles my forehead now contains. Early 30's are NOT supposed to have this many yet. Right? 

Hmmm... empty coffee cup... hmmm...

So at this point in time I should arise, think about lunch for the five of us who are still at home, maybe put on something other than the sweatshirt I've been living in the past few days, and potentially go clean the toilets.

It's always fun to go on vacation...
and it's always fun to come back home.

(Can someone else just come do the Catching-Up thing for me?)
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