Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breaking Through

I was encouraged this morning... reminded.
To be steadfast, confident, persistent.

There are a number of areas we've been praying for breakthrough in.
A number meaning quite a few.
Quite a few meaning sometimes I wonder if it's just too many and feel like giving up.

Because it's easy to get in my head that I'm asking for too much.
Too much in too many areas.
That maybe I should concentrate on just one area and let the others go.
As if my God isn't big enough to handle all of them together, so I should lessen His load.

HA! That makes me laugh!
I start thinking I should lessen His load, as if the maker of heaven and earth can only handle a few things at a time.
As if He's too burdened or overwhelmed.
What the heck?

But, that's my human nature, to think that since I struggle to handle multiple burdens at once, He might, too.
Oh, how finite our minds are.

That's why He wants us to take His burden, which is easy and light.
Lean back and trust.
Because He's got this.
Yes, even this.
All of it.
And just stay steadfast...
...in prayer...
...in patience...
...in confidence...
Not confidence in ourselves, but confidence in our God.
(I hope He's your God, too. He's the only true God there is. You can make up others, but they'll fail you every time. So, really, even if you think He isn't your God, He is. It's just whether or not you'll choose to believe in Him.)

Because breakthrough does come.
It will come.
Sometimes overnight, but more often it comes for those who are steadfast.
Who keep on going.
Who are faithful.
Who are persistent.

I'm going to keep choosing to be that.

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