Tuesday, August 24, 2010


That's what I paid today for this at my favorite thrift store:

For 25 cents each:
Two plain layering tees for Brit (Wet Seal, I think).
A pair of Levi's shorts for Brit.
A silk animal print top & a plaid top with sheer sleeves for me.
(They may look a little gramma-ish, but I will funk them up believe-you-me.)

My big splurge at 50 cents:
Penny Loves Kenny metallic pink flats. Ooooooooo, I know.
(Those might be for someone else, though.)

My two tops and the shoes I've had my eyes on since mid-June.
So, imagine my joy today when the tops were on the 25 cent rack out front.
I saw last Tuesday that the shoes had been marked down to a dollar.
Since I tried them on in June and knew they fit and have been sitting there, I thought I'd take the risk and see if they went to 50 cents.
I win.
(Although, the Jessica McClintock dress I wanted was gone. I wasn't going to pay $7 for it last week, so I'm not mourning too much. Someone else is loving it, I'm sure.)

I didn't go in and do a bunch of hunting, either.
I browsed through the few sale racks and that was it.

My point is this: FREQUENT YOUR LOCAL THRIFT STORES!!!!!!!!!!
The larger ones will have a higher volume of inventory,
but the smaller ones aren't going to move things as fast.
You can keep your eyes on stuff and know what's been there for a while.
Find out when they make their markdowns and then make your move.
(And, fyi, I know it sounds like I'm always making special trips to the thrift store. 
I'm not. Really.
My favorite one is just down from the pharmacy.
How convenient that I can shop while I wait for prescriptions to be filled!
*evil laugh*)

It's worth it, people.

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