Thursday, June 17, 2010

Those days...

There are those days...

...sometimes not the entire day, but certain portions of the day...

...where I want to run to my favorite thrift store and just thumb through the racks,
hunting for great deals and hidden vintage gems.

I want to get lost in the array of possibilities.
I want to sort through piece by piece,
hangar by hangar.

Because, really, it's not just about the deals...
it's not just about a fun form of recycling...'s therapy.

And there are those days where I just want to go get lost in it, 
but can't at the moment.

And it would be running away from what's before me anyway.
But, isn't that okay if it's only temporary?
If it's just to gain my senses to some degree so I can deal with what's in front of me?

Then again, temporary escapism is only temporary...
but it's still escapism.

I over think too much.
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