Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, my wow...

There is a site.
It sends me emails about glorious things that are on sale.
Beautiful things.
Designer things.
Inspiring things.
And I go.
And I see.
And I drool.
And I get inspired.
Sometimes they are in my price range.
Often they are not.

Today they had Vera.
(When $4000 is marked down to $1000, it's still out of my price range.
But oh-so-drool-worthy.
And oh-so-inspiring.)

You can sign up to get the emails, too.
Go here.
And maybe some things will be in your price range and on your "need/want" list.
Like the American Apparel I ordered a few weeks ago.
Or maybe they won't, and you'll simply be inspired.

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