Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Blog,

I love you,
and I miss you.

But my hubby is finally home, which is lovely.
Life is good.
I'm me again.
And there's snuggling to get caught up on.

And the kids are out of school,
which is mostly lovely,
but sometimes not.
But, mostly.

And it's summer.
And flowers need watering,
and the yard needs trimming,
and there's sitting in the sun to be done.

But, I do have a yellow legal pad here with bloggy ideas on it.
And the laptop we got for Nate to take with him is now back.
And it's officially mine.
Like, it has a pink cover... which makes it official.
Which means when I'm doing gym runs and whatnot I may get those bloggy ideas onto here.

Because I do love you.
And I do miss you.
And you are in my thoughts.
But life is so often life, and this has been one of those weeks where it's full and lovely and leaves little room for you.

But, soon.

Your Affectionate Author
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