Tuesday, June 15, 2010

14 years and counting...

You're the laughter in my day.
The voice when I've lost mine.
The reminder when I tend to forget.

I love that, when we're driving both cars and we pull up to the gas station, you pump the gas for both while I just sit.

I love waking slightly in the middle of the night and feeling your hand lightly touching my skin as you sleep.

I love that you're not surprised by the dreams I know God is calling me to, even when I'm blown away.

And I love that you walk nonchalantly and confidently with me toward them... when I'm skipping and giggling and wide-eyed.

I love that you're the one the personality and strength tests say I need to be paired with...
and that we were paired together long before I knew those tests existed.

I love that you stand for what's right and others' opinions don't matter...
except mine.

I love that you already know what song I'm about to burst into even before I start...
even in the middle of service on Sunday mornings.

It seems so long ago that I walked down the aisle in complete disbelief that you were actually going to marry me... that you wanted to marry me.
It seems like those were different people.
I thought I loved you so much then, that I couldn't possibly love you more.
Now I'm amazed at what we've gone through, where we're at, how much more I love you today then back then.
And I wonder what the next 14... or 50... years will bring.
I'm so glad to be growing old with you.

I love you.
Happy Anniversary.

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