Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Q&A with an Expert!

which is written by an actual Shoe Girl...
as in she designs shoes...
like, really designs shoes...
like, she designs for L.A.M.B. *gasp, die*
(Someday. I. Will. Own.)
...and Betsey Johnson.

She did this really great post answering questions we have about shoes and how they're made.
(Like I said, EXPERT!)
So, seeing as how today is Sassy Shoe Thursday, I thought I'd pass this along to you! 

Just hop on over to her amazing Q&A post and become a smarter you.
Oh! And what is that? My question is the first one answered?
Well, what do ya know?
(She just did that. It wasn't planned, fyi. Because it's not like we talk about those things in real life. But, if we did talk about them in real life, I bet we'd be great friends. Because she's cool like that. And she quotes movies like Clueless. *love*)

(photo: Footwear News, via The Shoe Girl's Blog)
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