Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I don't enjoy...

Most of life is a lovely kind of skip for me,
but there are a few things that stutter my gait slightly...

*I don't enjoy being cold. Ever. Ever.

*I don't enjoy scooping ice cream. It's either too hard and I can't get it out, or it's too soft and smooshes everywhere.

*I don't enjoy turning dress socks or some kinds of baseball socks right-side-out. They catch on the tips of my fingers, which is worse for one who has guitar callouses.

*I don't enjoy bagging leaves with my bare hands. There are bugs. And spiders.

*I don't enjoy someone correcting me on something that isn't wrong in the first place. Because then I either have to correct them, or just leave it and then they think I'm a jerk. Either way is awkward.

*I don't enjoy getting into bed when the room is already dark. I want to get in bed first, then have the room be dark. (Hence, my love for the clapper.)

*I don't enjoy answering the phone when I'm trying to get out the door or am rushed to do something else. I can give the other person the appropriate amount of attention, and I wind up being late anyway.

*I don't enjoy having dry hands. It's such a distraction for me that at night I can't sleep, and during the day can think of almost nothing else until I get lotion.

Not that any of this is earth shattering, it was just on my mind. Maybe because we had rootbeer floats the other night... or because the laundry needs folded... or because we did yard work Sunday... or because baseball season in Colorado doesn't seem to ever warm up fully... or because the guy at the gas station yesterday was off on his facts... or because nighttime is a tad lonely right now... or because I'm so busy lately... or because I have lotion everywhere in my house.

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