Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Help 'em out!

So, I have lots of amazing friends that do amazing things that really amaze me.
I know.
I'm totally cool by association.
(Not really, but let's pretend, okay?)

One of them, Kory Brunson, is the worship leader up at Crossroads Church of Denver.
(Crossroads peeps, holla!)
He also has an awesome band that was just nominated for Westword's Country Act of the Year!!!
Whoop! Whoop!
The bands that have won this in the past (The Fray, in the Rock category) have gone on to have some incredible opportunities in the national spotlight, and it would be so awesome to see the Kory Brunson Band launched into that.

BUT, they need OUR help!
To win they'll need lots and lots and tons and volumes and massive online votes.
They're on their way, but we need to make sure they get there.
So, if you could take a second and... 

1.) Hop on over here...

2.) Log in. (Don't worry. They don't want money or your child. They just want to make sure voting is fair.) It's super easy. Super.

3.) Vote for the Kory Brunson Band under categories 15 and 45.

And that's it! 
They have a great new single out right now called Girls Night Out that's gaining ground on radio stations and has been playing at Ladies' Nights at Rockies Stadium.
You can listen to it here.
Or just go to itunes or amazon and download it, because you'll be glad you did.
(Fyi, it's really good. Girls, you're gonna wanna go grab your friends and hit the dance floor after you hear it!)

You can also hear some of their other stuff on their music page.

So, go on! Please? Take a few seconds and help my amazing friends out.
The friends that are cool because they're associated with me make me cool by association.
(Remember, we're pretending that's true.)
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