Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday: Day to Night

Okay, I know I didn't take the "before" pic, which would have been the outfit during the day.

But, I realized as we headed out to dinner on my last night in Florida that this was a great example of an easy transition outfit. 
Meaning you can take it from day to night with just a few small changes.
So, I took advantage of one of the hotel mirrors.
(And, yes, the pic is blurry. Oh, stinking-well.)

Top: Ummm... some department store years ago for, like, five bucks. (I bought three different colors.)
Cardi: Scored at Max Azria Final Cut store in Tampa
Shorts: Old Navy clearance last summer
Shoes: Steve Madden, on my WoF trip with my girlies! Holla!
Clutch: Solas, gift from hubby. Luh-uh-uv. (It lights up!)
Pendant: Mom's. Hee-hee. (Nate got it in Qatar.)
Earrings: Thrifted silver hoops

Okay, mentally put sandals and a big tote with this outfit, and you get what I wore all day!
All I did was exchange the tote for a classy clutch and the sandals for some strappy heels and *voila* a date-worthy look!
I also had on smaller silver hoops and a more demure necklace for daytime.
Chunky jewelry instantly adds more of the evening-fashion-factor.
(I also put on lip color, which helps the transition.)
It's. Just. That. Easy.

So many of us girlies think we've got to have a completely different outfit to be evening-ready. 
Now, often that is nice, but it's not always necessary.
Especially when packing for a weekend trip where you can only take one checked bag because you have to stinking pay for it.
(I tell ya... if I ran the world...)

Okay. This can work with jeans and tee's. 
Skirt and tank. 
Little summer dress.

Now YOU give it a go.
Need help? Lemme know.
Just click that little Ask Angela button over there in the side bar and type away.
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