Sunday, April 25, 2010

A thought.

I find myself saying, "Lord, I'm doing this for You and You alone. I don't want this to be about me... for me. This is for You, through You, in You, for Your glory."

And then I realize that, maybe it IS for me, because when I submit things to God and do them as He leads, I get blessed, too.

Except that I'm not doing it so I can be blessed, I'm doing it because I love God, and I love people, and...


but I get blessed through it all anyway.

Even in the tough stuff.

And in the fun stuff.

In the stuff where I'm in the background and no one knows.

In the stuff where I'm in the middle of the stage and the light is shining right on me.

I'm not doing it for me and my glory, but for Him and His glory.

In Him. 

With him.

And yet, I get filled up anyway. So it is for me, in a roundabout, backwards way.

Because when it's not about us, God brings it back to us.

But, when it is about us, it falls empty and we gain nothing.

But when it's not about us, it soars to the Heavens, accomplishing what we never dreamed it could. And we are filled to the top... pressed down... shaken together... overflowing.

It doesn't make sense in this world. Which is why I'm so thankful I'm not of this world.

(I'm so glad it's not for me, but that He is all for me. Make sense?)
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