Friday, April 23, 2010

THIS Saturday...

If you are
1. Female
2. Alive on Saturday
you have GOT to get your rear to the Beth Moore Simulcast!!!!

New Life is hosting it this Saturday, as are a huge number of churches across the United States and Canada.
Girls, I can't even tell you how crucial this is going to be for you and your walk through life.

The cool thing about So Long, Insecurity is that millions of women across our continent are going to be hearing the same message and worshipping to the same songs all at the same time.
This is prepped to be a serious break-through for generations of us who have struggled under the immense burden of feeling less-than, feeling fearful, feeling unworthy...
and insecurity so often looks different than we think it should/could/would.

This is for the plain mom who feels like she is trapped in life and has nothing left to offer.
This is for the woman who struggles with her weight and feels like she can't step out and be used until she "gets control," so doesn't allow herself to be used.
This is for the woman who struggles with the memories of abuse, and fears people's reactions if they knew what she knew.
This is for the beautiful perfectionist that everyone thinks has it all together, but is really crying out on the inside because she's so afraid her carefully manicured world could collapse at any second.
This is for the woman who thinks her dreams died long ago.
This is for the woman who walks around feeling fake...
feeling numb...
feeling forgotten...
feeling invisible...

This is for all of us.

This Saturday.
If you're here in the Springs, come to New Life. 
Doors open at 9:00am.
We'll get things going at 10:00am
$20 at the door includes a super yummy lunch.
(And hang out with me!)
There will be chocolate.
There will be laughter.
There will be awesome prizes to win. (Shoes, anyone?)
There will be healing.
There will be new starts.
There will be life.

If you're somewhere else, find out where it's being hosted and go.

Because it's not just us we're hurting by walking around feeling insecure/less-than/worthless/unusable...
we're also hurting everyone that needs us to reach out to them, to show them their worth, to walk with them toward the glorious riches that are awaiting us.

Girls, come on.
There is life to live.
There are things we are called to.
Let's step into it.
Let's get on our sassy shoes and step into that which we're called to.

Live it full.

If you're not convinced, watch these videos:

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