Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Musings

*We cannot seem to get everyone to school, altogether, on the same day. 
Between sickness and braces and appointments, it has not been working. 
I thought it was going to work today, but I was wrong.

*Yesterday I wore my new harem pants (in royal blue, thankyouverymuch) to church and loved them. Luved. Loooved. Lov-ed. 
No, I haven't blogged on them yet. 
I was going to take a pic yesterday to share with you, but I was tired, and had already taken my shoes off, and didn't want to put them back on to go outside to take a pic. 

*My friend will be here soon to pick me up. 
We're going to go get pedicures!!! My first one of the season! 
(Even though I usually only get two or so a summer.) 
But I am going to Florida on Friday, and she is going to Mexico. 
And both places are enjoyed best with cute toes. 

*Woke up to snow again this morning. But, only a dusting. 
And so far our peach blossoms seem to be surviving the late-April chill.

*My throat is sore. I will not get sick right before I go to spend a long weekend with my hubby.
Because, while cute toes can make Miami Beach and a Ray's baseball game and kayaking through the Everglades and hubby-time that much more fun...
a cold can quickly dampen it.
So, I am willing it away. Gone. Now.

*The awesome headphones I got to use as in-ear monitors on Sunday sound great...
but didn't work as monitors.
Too bad, because they sound great, until I try to use them as monitors.
Now I have to return them.

*National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week starts tomorrow and goes through May 3rd.
I'm wearing mine.
Are you wearing yours?

*My coffee tastes weak this morning. 
I didn't make it weak. I made it the same way I always do. 

*I haven't been doing fashion posts lately.
I think because I've been in too much of a hurry to ever take pics of my outfits...
or I'm too tired when I get home and just. don't. do. it.

*My house is a veritable disaster. Constantly.
Even if I get one area cleaned up, the rest is in alarming disarray.
I even had a bad dream about it last night. Probably because I read a chapter in a book I picked up recently on keeping your house clean.
Now I'm feeling even more insecure about it than before.

*I'm going to go get ready to depart for my pedicure.
And hopefully not think of my ever-messy house while I'm sitting there in the chair.

*Hubby, hubby, hubby. Florida, Florida, Florida. Miami Beach, ritzy hotels, Everglades. Baseball, sunshine, dinner out. Sleeping in, snuggling, did I say Miami Beach?

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