Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our reunion was, fittingly enough, at Fuddruckers.
(One of our favorites.)
I didn't think I'd cry.
(I sobbed.)

(I would say the 30 hour drive was worth it.)

At Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.

I took the pic of the pic. Is that wrong? Because no one told me that was wrong. Expedition Everest totally makes Animal Kingdom worth it! (Notice Ian's expression... and Taylor hamming it up for the camera.)

Ian was a crazy driver. He thought he was good. Well, maybe I was just being dramatic.

All of us. One teacup. It wasn't pretty.

Pretending to be excited about me insisting we all go on It's A Small World.
C'mon! It's tradition!

Castle picture. Notice how the ground is wet soaked? We were, too. We may have been the only family in the park without ponchos... and still going on rides.
That's right.
We're hardcore.

Yes. That's me. On American Idol. Okay, okay... the American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios.
For all of you who keep saying, "You need to do American Idol! Why don't you try out?"
I can now say that I did.
And I won.
(First round, anyway.)
That's a whole other blog post, though.
(Fyi, I'm too old for the real thing. Maybe Simon's new X-Factor?)

Lunch at Pizza Planet.
"To infinity, and beyond!"

We're rockers through and through, baby.

Norway has some very serious Vikings.
(And a very lame ride. Seriously. It's lame. Just as lame as it was eight years ago.)

Evidently, Viking children aren't as serious.

Ah, the Princesses...

Soldiers, anyone?

Nate didn't want to try to get in, too. I'm not sure why.

On our Sea World day we ate lunch at Shark Encounter. Totally worth it. (Ian looks a little unsure.)

Honey, focus please. I'm trying to take a picture. 
(Seriously, he does this in almost all of them. They always have to be retaken.)

That's better. Thank you.

The shows were great, but it really was too bad. They've scaled everything back and the trainers no longer get in the water with the whales. Understandably so, but it wasn't nearly the amazing show it used to be. 

We found some awesome outlets. (Imagine that. Me. Shopping.)
The kids had a bit too much fun in the Oakley store.
I may have had a bit too much fun in the BCBG/Max Azria Final Cut store.
I know!
Once again, that's another blog post.

Enjoying dinner at another one of our favs, Maggiano's
Doesn't Nate look handsome in the Christmas present I gave him?
So funny. Every time he wears it he gets huge reactions.
Wives turn to their husbands, "Would you wear that?" *Awkward silence*
Men commend him on his bravery.
He just smiles.
Very interesting.

Tight hugs. She was just a bit happy to be back with the most favoritest man in her life.

The fam at our dear friend Steve's pin-on to Lieutenant Colonel!!!

It was SO awesome that God worked out the details just right so we would be in Florida and able to come and be with our dear friends on this amazing day!
(And I got to sing the National Anthem for it. How cool is that?)

We're kind of a crazy bunch.
(Tammy, I stole this from your page.)

Purely posting this because I love seeing my hubby in that uniform.
And it's my blog.
So I can do things like that.

The beach was glorious. I wanted to stay right here. Forever. And ever.
Sea shells. Intact. Rolling up onto our feet.
(Did you know that towel bags make great pillows?)

Walking Nate to his car. He had to leave before we did and head back to Tampa. 
The goodbye part was hard.
I love this picture.

Right before leaving. One last photo of the kids.

The Dynamic Duo. Back together again. If only for a few hours.
So cool that God worked it out that way.
(Maybe it was only a few hours so the thrift stores in our area would be protected from our amazing powers.)

It was an incredible trip.
We didn't want to come home.
Well, we didn't want to come home without Nate, but such is life.
We're half-way through, and June will come soon enough.

I'm so thankful that God would pour out His blessing on us in such awesome ways. 
The drive went smoothly (save for the puking on the return trip), and it was glorious to see such a cross section of our great nation!
(It got me all emotional. And it showed me I can do things I previously thought I couldn't.)
We got to do Disney... and stay on Disney property!
And Seaworld... and stay in a fancy hotel overlooking it!
I got to visit my first Ikea. (I know!)
I got to lounge around at pools. Ahhhh...
We got to see some of our most dearest friends in the whole world... and be there for something so special.
And I came back sane.

(Okay, the whole catching-the-stomach-bug thing on our way home I could have done without.
But, that was at the end and after we were home, so I'm not counting that.)

I miss you so much, Honey.
But, we can do this thing.
With God's grace and strength, we can do this thing.
I love you.

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