Monday, April 12, 2010


Whenever I see free livestock of any kind on Craigslist, such as this here rooster, I want to take it and leave it in a friend's backyard as a "present."

Because I think it would be hilarious. 

They would come home from some happy outing and here crowing and clucking outside.
Or they would hear bleating, only to walk out on their back porch and discover a goat standing atop the swingset's slide.
Or there would be a hutch full of rabbits that was not there when they left.

See? Hilarious.

Maybe not to them, but to me.

I really want to do it. But, I don't want any animals to get hurt or be potentially treated cruelly.
So, I haven't.

But, I want to.

(Rob and Cindy, you have no idea how many times you barely escaped coming home to a goat. For some reason, goats are very popular in Santa Maria. They were always gone by the time I emailed.)
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