Friday, April 30, 2010

NPLTW, Take 3

Yes, I know I only showed you Take 2.
I didn't pause during the day of Take 1 for pics.
(But it involved the layering of a long-sleeved purple tee, skinny distressed jeans, and leopard print peep-toes.)
I told you I was going to wear it a few days in a row.

Shirt: Here.
Jeans: True Religions. On sale eons ago for nothing ($50) at Nordstrom. I'm forever thankful to Jordan-the-friend-I've-never-met for the heads up!
White long sleeved crochet-kind-of-top: Goodwill. It says Frenchie on the tag? I think. I'm not going to take it off at the moment to look.
Earrings: Claires.
I'm wearing my red Mac Lipglass. It makes me feel saucy.

Hey. Wear a shirt. Let people know what you stand for.

Let's make sure everyone gets to live theirs.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week

So, I should have posted this yesterday... since it started yesterday. 
But, such is my world at the moment.

April 27th to May 3rd is National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week.
Did you know that, statistically speaking, the United States is more pro-life now than it was just a few decades ago?
AND, did you know that those who support abortion-rights are aging, and the younger generations following them are more in favor of rights for the pre-born?
Truth will win in the end.
It always does.
We are gaining ground.
Because life is life, from conception to natural death.
And, I'm not gonna be quiet about it.

I wore this shirt yesterday.
And I wore it today (as you can see above).
Guess what? I'm gonna wear it tomorrow.
And maybe even the next day.

Pulling it all together:
*Shirt: Here (They only have XL's left, but I got it anyway.)
*Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Ummm... a boutique in Pasadena
Earrings/Bracelets: Claire's 
Sunglasses: Gloss here in the Springs
Stain on Jeans: Courtesy of recent awesome thrift find.

If you don't have one, make one.
(I may do that, too.)
Go get a plain white tee. (I'd choose a v-neck.)
Grab a sharpie.
Write the word "Life" on it. Then go over it a few times more.
Or, you can just buy a shirt here, even though you won't have it in time for this week.
But, I won't stop wearing this after this week. (I just may not wear it every single day.)

It's what God gave you.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Musings

*We cannot seem to get everyone to school, altogether, on the same day. 
Between sickness and braces and appointments, it has not been working. 
I thought it was going to work today, but I was wrong.

*Yesterday I wore my new harem pants (in royal blue, thankyouverymuch) to church and loved them. Luved. Loooved. Lov-ed. 
No, I haven't blogged on them yet. 
I was going to take a pic yesterday to share with you, but I was tired, and had already taken my shoes off, and didn't want to put them back on to go outside to take a pic. 

*My friend will be here soon to pick me up. 
We're going to go get pedicures!!! My first one of the season! 
(Even though I usually only get two or so a summer.) 
But I am going to Florida on Friday, and she is going to Mexico. 
And both places are enjoyed best with cute toes. 

*Woke up to snow again this morning. But, only a dusting. 
And so far our peach blossoms seem to be surviving the late-April chill.

*My throat is sore. I will not get sick right before I go to spend a long weekend with my hubby.
Because, while cute toes can make Miami Beach and a Ray's baseball game and kayaking through the Everglades and hubby-time that much more fun...
a cold can quickly dampen it.
So, I am willing it away. Gone. Now.

*The awesome headphones I got to use as in-ear monitors on Sunday sound great...
but didn't work as monitors.
Too bad, because they sound great, until I try to use them as monitors.
Now I have to return them.

*National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week starts tomorrow and goes through May 3rd.
I'm wearing mine.
Are you wearing yours?

*My coffee tastes weak this morning. 
I didn't make it weak. I made it the same way I always do. 

*I haven't been doing fashion posts lately.
I think because I've been in too much of a hurry to ever take pics of my outfits...
or I'm too tired when I get home and just. don't. do. it.

*My house is a veritable disaster. Constantly.
Even if I get one area cleaned up, the rest is in alarming disarray.
I even had a bad dream about it last night. Probably because I read a chapter in a book I picked up recently on keeping your house clean.
Now I'm feeling even more insecure about it than before.

*I'm going to go get ready to depart for my pedicure.
And hopefully not think of my ever-messy house while I'm sitting there in the chair.

*Hubby, hubby, hubby. Florida, Florida, Florida. Miami Beach, ritzy hotels, Everglades. Baseball, sunshine, dinner out. Sleeping in, snuggling, did I say Miami Beach?

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A thought.

I find myself saying, "Lord, I'm doing this for You and You alone. I don't want this to be about me... for me. This is for You, through You, in You, for Your glory."

And then I realize that, maybe it IS for me, because when I submit things to God and do them as He leads, I get blessed, too.

Except that I'm not doing it so I can be blessed, I'm doing it because I love God, and I love people, and...


but I get blessed through it all anyway.

Even in the tough stuff.

And in the fun stuff.

In the stuff where I'm in the background and no one knows.

In the stuff where I'm in the middle of the stage and the light is shining right on me.

I'm not doing it for me and my glory, but for Him and His glory.

In Him. 

With him.

And yet, I get filled up anyway. So it is for me, in a roundabout, backwards way.

Because when it's not about us, God brings it back to us.

But, when it is about us, it falls empty and we gain nothing.

But when it's not about us, it soars to the Heavens, accomplishing what we never dreamed it could. And we are filled to the top... pressed down... shaken together... overflowing.

It doesn't make sense in this world. Which is why I'm so thankful I'm not of this world.

(I'm so glad it's not for me, but that He is all for me. Make sense?)
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday Re-Post: How To Make Any Outfit Cuter

Due to a conversation I JUST HAD yesterday with some girlies about accessorizing, I am reposting this little ditty from a while ago.
(More accurately, from January 23, 2009. Let's get details straight, here.)
Because, so many people are stuck in a rut with their accessories... or simply afraid of them altogether.
In my opinion, the best thing to do is just dive in head first and make sure you get the honest opinion of a few fashion-wise girlfriends (keywords: honest opinion, fashion-wise).
But, not all are of that mindset, so here is a tried and true way to start a little slower.
It's a sure thing.
Trust me.
(I give honest opinions, and I'd like to think I'm potentially somewhat fashion-wise.)

Fashion Tip Friday: How To Make Any Outfit Cuter

For those of you who already accessorize, this post probably isn't for you. But for the rest of us...

I hear all the time, "But, how DO you accessorize?" "How do you know?" "Where do you even start?" "I wouldn't know what to buy!" "I'm not sure, so I just wear the same studs all the time." "I just forget the jewelry altogether. I mean, who has time?"

I will address other accessory issues in other posts, but I want to start you off with a simple, simple philosophy: everything looks better with hoops and a bracelet. Everything.

This isn't to mean these are the only accessories in your repertoire, but it's a darn good place to start. I race around just as much as anyone, and 80% of the time I'm not going to go through my jewelry box trying on different things to see what looks perfectly right. But I do have a few different sizes of hoops and a couple different bracelets I can throw on as I'm slipping my feet into my shoes. It takes nothing extra, but adds so much.

A good rule of thumb is to have small, medium, and large hoops in both gold and silver (I only have medium and large in silver, though.) If I'm in my velour pants and hoodie, I go with smaller earrings and a smaller bracelet. If I'm in heels, the larger earrings and chunky cuff. (Unless I'm wearing a chunky necklace, then I stick to the smaller ones so it's not visually too much.) Make sense?
*Update: I now will often wear chunky everything together.*

It's really not an overwhelming thing, and you get the hang of it so easily. Plus, hoops look super cute when worn with a hat. (Hats. Yay! We'll address that in another post, too.) They just add that something extra you were thinking your outfit needed, but didn't want to take the time to figure out.

"But, Angela! I don't want to run out and spend a bunch of money on six new sets of earrings and four new bracelets!"

You don't HAVE to!!! Go look in your jewelry box right now. I know you have some bracelets shoved in the back. You don't have to stick with gold or silver, either! I'm just giving you a simple little philosophy that will make things easier. Expand on it!!! Be creative! If you have a bunch of little bracelets, pile them on together for a chunky look!

The next time you're at Ross or TJ's pick up one of those three packs of hoops for a few dollars. You can even spend that extra four bucks on the funky cuff you passed on before because you didn't know what to wear it with. Then on Monday when you're heading out to run errands, throw the medium sized hoops on with your jeans and tee. Slip on that funky cuff. Look in the mirror and you'll see what I mean. You'll initially feel like it's too much... but it's not. You'll feel a little cuter, a little more fun, and there will be an extra spring in your step.

Now it's easy. You'll have your fall back accessories for any outfit, and the guesswork is gone!

Side note: For those of you who have questions, just click that little Ask Angela button over there in the top right corner and ask away! It doesn't even have to be a fashion question, although those are so much fun.

Thanks for stopping by Fashion Tip Friday!
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THIS Saturday...

If you are
1. Female
2. Alive on Saturday
you have GOT to get your rear to the Beth Moore Simulcast!!!!

New Life is hosting it this Saturday, as are a huge number of churches across the United States and Canada.
Girls, I can't even tell you how crucial this is going to be for you and your walk through life.

The cool thing about So Long, Insecurity is that millions of women across our continent are going to be hearing the same message and worshipping to the same songs all at the same time.
This is prepped to be a serious break-through for generations of us who have struggled under the immense burden of feeling less-than, feeling fearful, feeling unworthy...
and insecurity so often looks different than we think it should/could/would.

This is for the plain mom who feels like she is trapped in life and has nothing left to offer.
This is for the woman who struggles with her weight and feels like she can't step out and be used until she "gets control," so doesn't allow herself to be used.
This is for the woman who struggles with the memories of abuse, and fears people's reactions if they knew what she knew.
This is for the beautiful perfectionist that everyone thinks has it all together, but is really crying out on the inside because she's so afraid her carefully manicured world could collapse at any second.
This is for the woman who thinks her dreams died long ago.
This is for the woman who walks around feeling fake...
feeling numb...
feeling forgotten...
feeling invisible...

This is for all of us.

This Saturday.
If you're here in the Springs, come to New Life. 
Doors open at 9:00am.
We'll get things going at 10:00am
$20 at the door includes a super yummy lunch.
(And hang out with me!)
There will be chocolate.
There will be laughter.
There will be awesome prizes to win. (Shoes, anyone?)
There will be healing.
There will be new starts.
There will be life.

If you're somewhere else, find out where it's being hosted and go.

Because it's not just us we're hurting by walking around feeling insecure/less-than/worthless/unusable...
we're also hurting everyone that needs us to reach out to them, to show them their worth, to walk with them toward the glorious riches that are awaiting us.

Girls, come on.
There is life to live.
There are things we are called to.
Let's step into it.
Let's get on our sassy shoes and step into that which we're called to.

Live it full.

If you're not convinced, watch these videos:

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Loving Lately

Costco has huge bags of spinach for cheap.

Throw some in a pan with garlic and a little butter.
Add a dash of white wine, if desired.
Turn for two minutes or so.
Put in bowl and top with tomato and a sprinkle of salt.
And maybe some feta cheese, like I did today.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am a World Changer

I want to be a World Changer.
I want to change the world.
Simple as that.

I want the things I do and whatever I invest my time in to have an eternal impact...
one that will change the social makeup of Heaven.

Sometimes I can get lost in what other people say.
"You are only truly changing the world if you do (fill in the blank)."
"These things over here are good causes, but these over here are far better."

There are good people... people I admire... people I strive to resemble who say to change the world, you need to be global or it's not making an effective difference. 

There are good people... people I admire... people I strive to resemble who say to change the world, you need to start local and focus only on what's immediately around you, or it's not making an effective difference. 

It can be easy for me to spin around in circles, listen to those I respect and love saying seemingly conflicting things and become confused about how I am supposed to change the world.

But, here's what I am learning...
Here's what God is showing me, even as of this very morning...

All I need to do is simply whatever it is He is calling me to do.

There are good people to listen to, and the wise council of a trusted friend or cherished mentor is better than gold.

But, all I need to do is simply whatever it is He is calling me to do.

Keep a strong foundation, learn more and more each day how to hear His voice amidst so many others, be obedient to step out when He says step out and stay still when He says stay still...

...and simply do whatever it is He is calling me to do.

I have known people who seem to be dynamic World Changers, so many eyes are on them and things are so great and everyone is jumping for joy... and suddenly they're gone... because they were never called to do it. Nothing much lasting of their big, fervent effort to do whatever it was they were doing. Nothing much is changed... definitely not the world, let alone anyone's personal world.

I have known people who faithfully do the seemingly smallest of things. And, because they are called to do it, everything they touch is changed and people are impacted for eternity by their smallest of gestures.

I have known people who step into something amazing, whatever it is they're doing explodes into success, and they have a huge,visible impact on the entire world for generations. Lives are forever turned to Christ by a huge, radical... yet lasting... impact of a person who is called.

I have known people who were called to something, but they never stepped into it. For whatever reason they keep ploughing the row right in front of them, when God is trying to give them a whole field. And the amazing affect of what could have been is lost in the middle of what is, because they never stepped into what they were called to do.

It's not necessarily about the local/global, near/far, relationships/anonymity... 
because sometimes it's some of those, sometimes it's others, sometimes it's all together, sometimes it's none.

The proof is in the fruit.
Are we bearing it, or not?
Is what you're doing bearing fruit, or not?
When you step into what God is calling you to do, there will be fruit.
Because that's His business.
Fruit bearing.
So, that should be our business. simply do whatever it is He is calling us to do.... pray for dreams and visions and burdens... move forward in His strength, as He leads.... simply do whatever it is He is calling us to do....
THAT is how we become World Changers.

As long as I do this, I will be effective.
Because on my own, I am nothing. But, with Christ? All things... ALL THINGS... are possible.

I am a World Changer.
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Monday, April 12, 2010


Whenever I see free livestock of any kind on Craigslist, such as this here rooster, I want to take it and leave it in a friend's backyard as a "present."

Because I think it would be hilarious. 

They would come home from some happy outing and here crowing and clucking outside.
Or they would hear bleating, only to walk out on their back porch and discover a goat standing atop the swingset's slide.
Or there would be a hutch full of rabbits that was not there when they left.

See? Hilarious.

Maybe not to them, but to me.

I really want to do it. But, I don't want any animals to get hurt or be potentially treated cruelly.
So, I haven't.

But, I want to.

(Rob and Cindy, you have no idea how many times you barely escaped coming home to a goat. For some reason, goats are very popular in Santa Maria. They were always gone by the time I emailed.)
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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our reunion was, fittingly enough, at Fuddruckers.
(One of our favorites.)
I didn't think I'd cry.
(I sobbed.)

(I would say the 30 hour drive was worth it.)

At Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.

I took the pic of the pic. Is that wrong? Because no one told me that was wrong. Expedition Everest totally makes Animal Kingdom worth it! (Notice Ian's expression... and Taylor hamming it up for the camera.)

Ian was a crazy driver. He thought he was good. Well, maybe I was just being dramatic.

All of us. One teacup. It wasn't pretty.

Pretending to be excited about me insisting we all go on It's A Small World.
C'mon! It's tradition!

Castle picture. Notice how the ground is wet soaked? We were, too. We may have been the only family in the park without ponchos... and still going on rides.
That's right.
We're hardcore.

Yes. That's me. On American Idol. Okay, okay... the American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios.
For all of you who keep saying, "You need to do American Idol! Why don't you try out?"
I can now say that I did.
And I won.
(First round, anyway.)
That's a whole other blog post, though.
(Fyi, I'm too old for the real thing. Maybe Simon's new X-Factor?)

Lunch at Pizza Planet.
"To infinity, and beyond!"

We're rockers through and through, baby.

Norway has some very serious Vikings.
(And a very lame ride. Seriously. It's lame. Just as lame as it was eight years ago.)

Evidently, Viking children aren't as serious.

Ah, the Princesses...

Soldiers, anyone?

Nate didn't want to try to get in, too. I'm not sure why.

On our Sea World day we ate lunch at Shark Encounter. Totally worth it. (Ian looks a little unsure.)

Honey, focus please. I'm trying to take a picture. 
(Seriously, he does this in almost all of them. They always have to be retaken.)

That's better. Thank you.

The shows were great, but it really was too bad. They've scaled everything back and the trainers no longer get in the water with the whales. Understandably so, but it wasn't nearly the amazing show it used to be. 

We found some awesome outlets. (Imagine that. Me. Shopping.)
The kids had a bit too much fun in the Oakley store.
I may have had a bit too much fun in the BCBG/Max Azria Final Cut store.
I know!
Once again, that's another blog post.

Enjoying dinner at another one of our favs, Maggiano's
Doesn't Nate look handsome in the Christmas present I gave him?
So funny. Every time he wears it he gets huge reactions.
Wives turn to their husbands, "Would you wear that?" *Awkward silence*
Men commend him on his bravery.
He just smiles.
Very interesting.

Tight hugs. She was just a bit happy to be back with the most favoritest man in her life.

The fam at our dear friend Steve's pin-on to Lieutenant Colonel!!!

It was SO awesome that God worked out the details just right so we would be in Florida and able to come and be with our dear friends on this amazing day!
(And I got to sing the National Anthem for it. How cool is that?)

We're kind of a crazy bunch.
(Tammy, I stole this from your page.)

Purely posting this because I love seeing my hubby in that uniform.
And it's my blog.
So I can do things like that.

The beach was glorious. I wanted to stay right here. Forever. And ever.
Sea shells. Intact. Rolling up onto our feet.
(Did you know that towel bags make great pillows?)

Walking Nate to his car. He had to leave before we did and head back to Tampa. 
The goodbye part was hard.
I love this picture.

Right before leaving. One last photo of the kids.

The Dynamic Duo. Back together again. If only for a few hours.
So cool that God worked it out that way.
(Maybe it was only a few hours so the thrift stores in our area would be protected from our amazing powers.)

It was an incredible trip.
We didn't want to come home.
Well, we didn't want to come home without Nate, but such is life.
We're half-way through, and June will come soon enough.

I'm so thankful that God would pour out His blessing on us in such awesome ways. 
The drive went smoothly (save for the puking on the return trip), and it was glorious to see such a cross section of our great nation!
(It got me all emotional. And it showed me I can do things I previously thought I couldn't.)
We got to do Disney... and stay on Disney property!
And Seaworld... and stay in a fancy hotel overlooking it!
I got to visit my first Ikea. (I know!)
I got to lounge around at pools. Ahhhh...
We got to see some of our most dearest friends in the whole world... and be there for something so special.
And I came back sane.

(Okay, the whole catching-the-stomach-bug thing on our way home I could have done without.
But, that was at the end and after we were home, so I'm not counting that.)

I miss you so much, Honey.
But, we can do this thing.
With God's grace and strength, we can do this thing.
I love you.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When the Saints

Giving me strength right now...

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Song

Jesus Christ is risen! 
He is ALIVE! 
I get chills and my eyes fill with tears every time I stop and truly try to wrap my brain around this reality. He lives. And He lives in ME. My life is forever changed because I walk every day in the knowledge that I am SAVED from this world. It's not my home. 
My life is with Him, through Him, in Him... 
with Jesus, through Jesus, in Jesus.

Lord, I am so thankful for Your sacrifice. You love us SO MUCH that You gave Your Son.

Jesus, you sacrificed everything so I could have life, and life to the full. You are not some apparition, some idea in our imagination. 
You live. 
In me. 

I will go to the world, I will do everything You give me the power to do to reach those lost and wandering. The ones who don't believe... 
the ones who wonder, but turn their backs anyway... 
the ones who don't want to be inconvenienced... 
the ones who are blinded by this world.

He is the Savior of this world, for those who will put their faith in Him.
My life is changed.
Yours can be, too.
You CAN live without the fear, without the insecurity, without the wondering, without the "Is this all there is? What is this all about?"... without the guilt, without the shame.
When you put your faith in Christ, when you live your live for Him,
you will be saved.

One of my favorites...

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