Monday, March 15, 2010

To do...

We leave Tuesday afternoon to go see Nate. I want to say that I'm so excited, but it may be more of a can-I-make-it-til-then-how-am-I-going-to-get-this-all-done-I-just-want-to-lounge-in-the-sun feeling.

My To-Do list...
As in, the absolutely must-get-done-before-I-can-leave list...

*Change Choppy's water.
(Our beta fish. There's mold on the rocks. I'd like him to live.)

*Oil change for the Suburban. 
(We ARE driving it to Florida. It DOES say there is 0% oil life left. This MAY be a wise thing.)

*Brit's soccer uniform.
(HAVE to get, since season starts before we get back. Nice that I went today and they aren't open on Sundays. Seriously, people! I mean, I'm glad you take Sundays off, but you should have sent a messenger to my door to tell ME.)

*Pay all the kids' sports fees that are due while we're gone.

*Call the Moving Claim Guy.
(Yes, that is his official title in Angela Land.)

*Send some urgent emails that HAVE to get out NOW.

*Remind all teachers and coaches that my children will be gone until April.
(And have children collect necessary assignments.)

*Buy stuff to go in Surprise Bag for kids for drive.

*Go to already scheduled school-volunteer thing and women's meeting and gymnastics practices.

*Oh, and at some point I may need to FINISH THE LAUNDRY and, oh... I don't know... PACK???

(Nate said he wanted me to get a good night's sleep for a few days before we left. Ummm...)

Stuff that's falling to the wayside...

*My pedicure.
(This was a have-to. I guess not anymore.)

*The boys' haircuts.
(I guess they do these in Florida, too.)

*Finding Brit a swimsuit.
(Because hopefully Florida will have ones that actually fit, unlike ones here.)

*Birthday gifts for Ian.
(He's 7 on Friday. I told Nate this evening that these were now officially his responsibility to find and procure before we arrive.)

*Taking the car through the wash.
(Yes, I know it will just get dirty again. But, it's more fun to drive a clean one than a dirty one. And right now it's really dirty.)

*Finding books on CD for me.
(The Surprise Bag takes precedence.)

*All the great posts that have been bouncing around in my head for weeks.
(I even have pictures, people! But, it's just. not. happening.)

*Getting that book to the person I wanted to get it to.

*Cleaning the house so it's clean when we come back.

So, forgive the absence, but know that my life is really full right now.

And, come Tuesday afternoon... whether I've done everything or not... we are pulling out of that driveway and I AM GOING TO SEE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!
And I will lay in the sun, whether or not I have had time to apply self-tanner so I don't blind the other tourists.
And I will wear my lovely strappy sandals, whether or not the winter-grown calluses have been removed from my feet.
And I will enjoy Disney and wear my Minnie Mouse tee with pride... complete with Mickey ears atop my head.
And I will finally visit an Ikea. (*gasp* I know!)
And I will snuggle my honey and forget about carpools and arranging rides and emails and phone calls and rushing to the school with the forgotten whatever and "Is my uniform clean?" and "We're out of milk again." and "Well, if you don't work, then what do you do all day?"

Wish me luck...
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