Friday, March 5, 2010

Late Night Randomness

*The kitchen is a mess... as usual.

*I'm leaving it as is... as usual.

*I'm much blonder right now than I was this morning, and my layers are finally back to where they're manageable. Ahhh...

*The kids are at each other's throats. Not sure what's going on. Everyone's just snippy and wanting to annoy everyone else... which annoys me.

*I'm fine. If the kids would just be fine I would stay fine. Ugh.

*Wondering how to clean a slight smoke smell out of an amazing vintage leather jacket. Totally Michael-Jackson-Thriller-angled-shoulders style. LOVE it. But, didn't realize the smoke smell was there when I bought it. Probably because there were quite a few people around me that smelled like smoke. I thought it was them. Not the jacket.

*I didn't realize Obama is a chain smoker until just the other day. I think I may have known that a while ago, but forgot. Interesting.

*I think my body is trying to get a cold. I am loudly saying, "NO!"

*Cold-eeze tastes fine for the first 30 seconds... then your tongue feels like sandpaper and you get a metallic flavor in the back of your mouth.

*There are so many blog posts waiting in my mind to be written... even some DIY's. I just haven't had the time. And, even if I had the time, I'm not sure I have the energy... or maybe the brain function.

*I friend-requested someone from high school on facebook and they denied my request. That feels funny. Not that it matters... because it doesn't matter... it's just weird, you know? (And it might kind of matter... except that it doesn't matter.)

*Nate's been putting on a conference in the land he is currently residing, so we haven't been able to talk much in the past few days. Hmmm... maybe this is why the kids are so snippy.

*I've received some extraordinary gifts lately that have blown me away in their timeliness. It still shocks and thrills me to my core that God gives me tangible gifts He knows I LOVE and WANT. Sometimes he uses people, other times He just gives them to me Himself. I laugh when I stop and consider so many don't believe in Him. Oh, my GOSH! How can you not believe? I want an InStyle subscription and He literally just GIVES me an InStyle subscription! I want a small necklace with Nate's and the kids' names on it for while my hubby is gone. I almost ordered one, but they're spendy. Then He just goes and GIVES me one!!! Crazy stuff. Too crazy to be coincidence. Besides, I don't believe in coincidences.

*See? These are just SOME of the blog posts I want to post and haven't posted! How many times can I say a derivative of the word "post?" POST!!!!!

*I think I need to go to bed.

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