Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Recap

Okay... Saints won, Colts lost.

That on-side kick was something else, I tell ya. Ca.ray.zay.
I felt badly that it was Kendra's hubby that missed the recovery.

And the interception? Totally saw that one coming. Totally.
Peyton almost threw one a few plays earlier and I was sitting on the couch saying, "Don't do it, man! You're getting too risky. Don't do it!"
And then he did it.

Not that we really cared who won, I'm just a Super Bowl fan in general.
But, I was kinda going for the Colts, just because I like Peyton Manning.
He does funny commercials.

Alrighty, then.
Now that we have THAT settled, let's look at the other important Super Bowl aspects:

Ummm... Queen Latifah... ummm...
So, I think she was super nervous.
I mean, I could TELL she was super nervous.
And then she obviously couldn't hear because she pulled her in-ear monitor out.
She had a really hard time sustaining any of the notes and didn't look comfortable at all.
America the Beautiful is one of my favorite songs, as you all know.
Bottom line, I just felt badly for her. You could tell she really wanted to do it and do it well, but she just couldn't pull it off this time.
The children's choir was a very nice touch, and frankly, I think they kind of saved the performance.
Queen Latifah seemed much more comfortable once she got to the more soulful part of the arrangement.
I was really pulling it for her, and I think she's capable of a much better performance than that.
I know she is.
Just, sometimes it doesn't quite happen, and that's just how it goes.

Now, I have to give Carrie Underwood total props.
The girl did the Anthem live!
Not canned!
It seems like it's been canned for so long.
This is hands down one of the. hardest. songs. to. sing. EVER.
You can't screw it up. You. Just. CAN'T.
I mean, you can, but you really, really shouldn't...
which would necessitate the word CAN'T.

Carrie did a great job. She was a tad pitch-y at a few spots, and I did wince when she went more-sharp-than-is-comfortable on the final note. But, I would much rather have a live performance with a few usual tonal hiccups than a canned one any day of the week.

Okay, and now for the biggie...
the halftime show...

SERIOUSLY!!!! What the HECK CBS??? Do you think we're deaf AND blind?
Not to put down The Who, because I know there was a time that they brought it.
And not that they didn't necessarily bring it here to the best of their ability, but...
hardly anyone even knew their songs!
Seeing as how three of the five they did were theme songs for CBS' CSI series, I'm wondering if this was just one big plug for the network's shows?

I know they tried to make it all fancy-like with the swirly-twirly lights,
but they just couldn't hide the fact that what was supposed to be entertaining

At all.


Watching this year's halftime show made me feel like CBS was trying to skate one by on the viewers, hoping no one really noticed the extreme mediocrity.
The whole point of a halftime show is to entertain us,
to make us want to watch it and wait to go to the bathroom or refill our sodas or get more food.

And, I tried. I did try.
But, sadly, I wound up fast-forwarding. (We tivo'd the game and started at the beginning when the actual game was about 45 minutes in. Having the fast forward option is very handy.)

The sad thing is, the shows used to be pretty good...
until Justin and Janet ruined it all for us viewers.
(What the heck, guys?)
Since then it's been Paul McCartney (okaaayyyy),
The Rolling Stones (eh)
Prince (okaaaayyy, but not widely-appealing)
Tom Petty (eh)
Bruce Springsteen (eh)
and then this year.

What the hiz-eck CBS? 

Remember Shania, No Doubt and Sting?
Remember when Aerosmith teamed up with Britney Spears?
"Walk this way, talk this way..."
(I'm not saying that I'm all for Britney Spears, what I'm saying is that it was a good show.
I'm sure she'd show way more her of her bits and pieces now, ala Janet. I'm just saying the show with Aerosmith and... wait for it... *N Sync was good.)

So, in light of the continual frustration and disappointment, I have formed a facebook group to bring attention to this grave travesty known as mediocre Super Bowl halftime entertainment.
Consider this your invitation to join!!!
I give you... 

*Drumroll, please.*


Band together with me and let's try to get someone's attention!
Help Super Bowl XLV get back on track with great halftime entertainment!
I'm not talking nas-tay, Miss-Janet-showing-her-girls-to-my-children entertainment.
I'm talking something that gets me up off the couch dancing.
Something that pumps me up.
Something that keeps me in front of the tv instead of sending me to get more chips.

Bring on the Black Eyed Peas!
Bring on the Pants On the Ground guy! (My hubby's suggestion)
Bring on music from the teams' towns, per the suggestion of my friend Russ. We could have had Jazz and Cajun music this year, and you totally dropped the ball, CBS!
Don't just have Jay-Z and Rihanna sing the show's opener in a cool video. Have them come out and kick halftime off with it. 
("Ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh...")
(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Even better, since it's going to be in Texas, why not get the Black Eyed Peas together with some big country names! Mix it up. Surprise us!

Do you know who I would like to see?
TobyMac and Switchfoot w/Superchick thrown into the mix. That could make for some fun stuff.
Or what about Skillet?
Okay, so not as widely known as a mega-group, but all have gone mainstream,
and they would do a great show.
Now, there are some responsible entertainers who would raise the roof AND have an awesome moral base!
Better yet, just put TobyMac in charge and he'll come up with something amazing.

I know you're worried of a repeat of 2004,
but you've overreacted.
At some point, we've got to move on.
There ARE well-known and well-loved, responsible entertainers out there who have a good track record of not flashing their audience.
They can be found.
If you need help, I would be more than glad to come advise you on who your viewers would actually like to see.

So, come on Super Bowl XLV planning committee.
Rise to the challenge.
Bring us something great this time next year.

And, as for my readers, go and join the facebook group!
We can change the world...
or at least the world of Super Bowl halftime entertainment.
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