Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Gotta Love Plaid

So, I've been waiting for a while for these shoes to go 75% off.
I mean, why get them at 50% off when there's a ton left and you know they'll go 75%?

And, it finally happened.
They were four dollars and something cents,
which is just a lovely, lovely thing.

But, with the first pair I gleefully acquired, one was slightly larger than the other.
(No, it wasn't my feet.)
So, I went back yesterday, tried all the other pairs of 7 1/2's on,
and found well-fitting ones.

I wore them all day today.
Glorious, glorious.
Plaid makes my feet feel happy...
and maybe a little Scottish.  =^)

(By the way, if you look online they're still only 50% off.)
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