Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Another Item Off My List

This last Friday Nate had to get some things done up at the Academy. Ticky-tack deployment things, like getting a name tag sewn on and buying some extra rank and stuff. 
He had wanted to go up Thursday, but why go up Thursday when you can go up Friday? 
This makes total sense, yes?

Seeeeewwwww... we went up on Friday to do the errands at the places that just happen to be located in the same plaza as the Academy Thrift store... that isn't open on Thursdays. *wink* 
Oh, and wouldn't you know, we had a few extra minutes to spare! 
Why, imagine that.

I made a bee-line for the shoe rack moseyed on in, sauntering my way to the back corner where I just happened to find the shoes. After unearthing an unlikely gem on the regular rack (those are another post entirely), I turned just right and looked just the right direction to notice *gasp* another shoe rack... for boots... that are too tall to go on the regular rack. 
Knee high boots! 
Oh, my gloriousness!!!

It was then the heavens opened and a light shone down onto one particular pair. 
The angels sang and I was drawn into a tractor beam headed straight for something whose price tag I was afraid to look at and size I was hoping was right.

Okay, so maybe it didn't happen exactly like that. But, there was an exclamation that drew glances from other shoppers. 
"Oh, my GOSH! Honey! Look!"
(I'm not sure the expression on Nate's face indicated surprise and excitement, as mine did. But, I'm confident he was feeling it inside.)

I picked up the treasure, turned it over, and saw a glorious 37 printed on the bottom. (7 1/2, European sizing)
I then winced a little as I fingered the price tag...


I now posses brown leather riding boots that I bought for THREE DOLLARS!!!!!! 
And, even better, they are leather lined, too! 
I know, I know, I KNOW!

My jumping and squealing in the corner of the thrift store drew some more odd stares glances, but I didn't care. 
(There was a point in time where Nate did care, but he's used to it now.)
 I tried them on, and they even fit my calves, which, as you remember, is always an issue.

Now, I have my heeled brown boots that I adore. 
And, yes, I spend most of the winter (and fall and spring) in my Fake Costco Uggs
(I still want to call them Fuggs. Fake Uggs. But, it still doesn't sound right.) 
But, I've SO wanted a pair of flat brown leather boots that are more casual than heels, but more pulled-together than Fuggs. 
(I said it! I said it!)

Now, just look-y at that. I have some. 
Another thing crossed off my shopping list. 
And they even have little straps with buckles around the ankle and the tops of the shafts angle downward, which you don't notice at first but is super cool. 
AND they are thoroughly worn and broken in. (Bonus!) 
AND, they're super-duper comfy. 
AAANNNDDD... did I mention they were only three dollars? 
Because they were. 
They were only three dollars.

When I got home I googled the name on the bottom, and the only thing that came up is a shoe store in MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That's in SPAIN! 
Holy COW! Isn't that cool? 
Some chiquita bought these in Spain, and now they sit in my closet. 

Actually, at the moment they're on my feet.

Wonderfully soft brown leather riding boots.

For three dollars. (Did I say that already?)

"Happy, happy, joy, joy.
Happy, happy, joy, joy."

Already fabulously broken in.
Oh, did I say that?
Did I also tell you they were three dollars?

Pulling it all together...
Boots: Oh, we've already discussed this.
Jeans: H&M
Tank: French Quarter in SLO
Sweater: Target, ages ago
Vest: Gap, ages ago
Scarf: Streets of New York (That sounds way cool.)
Brave Bracelet: God Chicks conference last June
Gold Hoops: Can't remember.

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