Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Late Night Randomness & Thoughts On Community

Late night Randomness...

*Just found ANOTHER Diane Von Furstenberg vintage trench at one of my thrift stores. 
I KNOW!!! 
It's nearly identical to the one I already have and adore, but is a size Large. I couldn't just leave it there! It HAD to come home with me. 
Which leads me to another random thought...

*I'm contemplating opening an Etsy shop for my fun vintage finds that I can't leave in the store but are the wrong size for me or are too similar to something I already own. 
Because, if it works for moi, I'm going to keep it... probably. 
But, I already have lots on my plate... but, this wouldn't take much... just a few uploads and a trip to the Post Office every now and again. 
Which leads me to...

*Hannah, the wonderful girl sharing our home right now (Did I forget to tell you that?) told me about www.artfire.com, where you don't have to pay a listing fee OR transaction fee... or any other fees. 
But, it seems more complicated. But free. Hmm... 
Which leads me to...

*I'm out of Coke right now. It's not on sale anywhere. 
What the heck is wrong with Albertsons? 
Don't you KNOW my hubby is gone and I need carbonated caffeine refreshment at sale price so I don't feel guilty for buying it? Well, you SHOULD know that. 
So, put it on sale already. Because 7-Up is good sometimes, but it just doesn't cut it on a daily basis. Which leads me to...

*Thoughts on friendships and finding authentic community and being able to just be REAL with people... 
such burden in my heart right now for women... men... people in general that don't have this! 
It's the whole point of Church. 
Not "church"... not a building... not where we go on Sundays... but Church... as in people who follow Christ coming together. 
Encouragement. Healing. Authenticity. Life. Together. 
Because Church is people. 
Not a building. 
It's all about relationship. 
Relationship with Christ... relationship with people.
You can't have relationship with a building. 
Relationship isn't fostered by church, it's fostered by Church. By people. Who serve Jesus Christ. Coming together. 
And so many are walking through this life without it...

Some more on this...

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