Monday, February 1, 2010

I know. I KNOW!

Yes, I know I haven't posted anything since last Thursday. And, technically speaking, that was written on Wednesday, so...

Nate flew out this morning, after some major emotional strings that I think the airlines were pulling on purpose minor flight mix-ups. 
We got the kiddos up at 6am (Did you READ that? Six stinking a.m. That's what it needs to be called.) and drove the 25 minutes to the airport. 
We said a difficult and teary goodbye, then pulled away with Brit sobbing, the boys being very stoic (Okay, Ian not-so-much. He was hungry.) and me trying to pray through my tears and calm Brit down, which was far too difficult and I just wound up gagging instead. 
(Me! Master of the run-on sentence! *cheers rise from the crowd*)

We were about 1/2 a mile from the airport when...

...the phone rang...

"Yeah. They cancelled my flight. I don't fly out 'til 11am now."

We turn back around. The tears dry up. "DADDY!" is heard for miles around, I'm sure.

We drop Taylor and Jordan at school. 
We go home and get Brit and Ian out the door. 
We hang out. 
I cream Nate at Wii Curling. 
(Yes, Honey. I had to put that in there. Did you think I would leave it out? It's the only thing I can beat you in!) 
And we head back to the airport.

You know, I really have to believe that God is in the middle of even this mixed-up departure. Because, for some reason, I was more okay the second time. I shed a few tears, but it was alright.

And I found myself at Goodwill within ten minutes of leaving the airport.

Even in THAT, I know God was comforting me. 
I found a little silver ducky that is identical to one my Great-Grandmother gave me when I was born, AND I found three McDonald's Muppet glasses we had growing up, in perfect condition! 
I felt all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic and kept saying, "Lord! This is so cool! You never cease to amaze me! You put these here just for me? Just for this moment? Thank you!!!"

Brit was very quiet on the way to gym. 
All she would say is, "I wish Daddy was here," and then silent tears flowed down here cheeks. 
Oh, my heart!!! 
But, iChat is just a miracle. 
WE came home from gym and could hear Nate's voice in the kitchen chatting with the boys. 
Then Brit got a little attitude, and I realized I think she may be a bit upset with Nate for being gone. 
I've heard that can happen. 
But, she was better by bedtime. 
Yay, iChat!

So, now I'm off to bed later than I should be because I was feeling all guilty for not posting since Wednesday Thursday. 
AND, I haven't even told you the super cool absolutely incredibly amazing story of what happened on Friday yet!!!!!!!!!!! That will have to come another day. 
Maybe tomorrow? 
But, it is so. darn. cool. I can't WAIT to tell you! 
Yet another way God is letting me know, "Girl, I got you on this, okay? Just rest in Me. I'm gonna take care of you."

Goodnight one and all...
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