Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Curly Sue

I've been wanting to try something for forEVer.
Okay, maybe not forEVer,
but at least a few months.
Quite a few months.
(And, often, that seems like forEVer.)
Ever since I saw this.
(Just giving credit where credit is due.)
Because I've always wanted curly hair.
And the perm in 7th grade didn't quite work the way I had planned.
So, I've been left wanting...
all these years...
until now.

A couple weeks ago I went into Sally's and bought little one inch foam rollers.
(I got the satin covered ones, in case you're wondering. Made for not-as-much-frizziness upon extraction.)
They've been out every other time I've gone in.
But not last week.

Last night I showered, then put my wonderfully awesome Aveda Be Curly stuff in.
(This is what I usually use when I just sleep on it wet,
or blow dry kind of wavy in the mornings.
I should get a diffuser, because that would make it even awesome-r, but it won't fit on my dryer. I could get a new dryer.


I put in the curlers.

Section by section.

But, I rolled the hair around the from the ROOT to ends, NOT from the ends to the root.
Get it?
So, in essence, the curl was tighter closer to my noggin.

(It didn't take as long as it sounds.
Maybe fifteen minutes.)

And slept with them in.

After the kids left for school I did my normal morning/face-wash/makeup routine,
then paused for a picture before taking them out:

(Look! My trusty eleven-year-old sweatshirt! No, we're not Bucaneers fans. Long story. Ironic, though, that Nate is in Tampa right now. Hmmm...)

And, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! The JOY at the curls!
I was seriously laughing, which is why I couldn't get a non-blurry picture. 
(Yes, that sentence contains a double-negative.)

LOVED IT!!!!!!

When I first took them out I had short ringlets all over my head.
I just ran my fingers through them.
I was trying to fro-it-out as best I could,
but the front part was going to drive me a tad bonkers, so I pinned it back.
Then, for good measure, I stuck in a satin-y flower.

These next photos I took after I came home from my out-and-about-meetingish-lunchish-schoolish stuff,
so it had relaxed some.

Dress: Ross, forever ago.
Long-sleeved tee: H&M
Jacket: Gap, via Goodwill
Tights: Costco. Love!
Shoes: 6pm.com
Scarf: Forever 21
Flower in hair: Came on some pants from Arden B years ago, stuck in with bobby pins.
Necklaces: Grams' and Great-Aunt's
Pearl earrings: Nate's Grandmother's
(You can't see the bracelets.)

Some closeups:

Look! I have wrinkles!!! Eeek!

(Amber! You totally need to do this. With the length your hair is it would fro-out perfectly and look amazing! You could even do a little head-band or satin ribbon in it. Ooooo... send me pics when you do, okay?)

So, I totally loved this whole kind of 80's vibe thing. 
When I put the curlers in I never thought about what I was going to wear with it,
but it turned out a little Desperately-Seeking-Susan-Mystic-Pizza-ish...
which was perfect.

I also think a soft, wispy romantic thing would be nice.
Maybe my flowy white summer dress in a few months?

Later I exchanged the tights and heels for jeans and flats, which are easier to manage at a soccer game and McDonald's:

Gray Skinny Jeans: H&M
Flats: Target, last week

Ian obviously wanted in on the photos, via the hall mirror.

At my meeting today, a friend commented that she thought it was cool that I would just try something new like this. And I realized, there was a time I wouldn't.
I would have thought, "Ack! I WANT to, but it's so different. What will people think? I could NEVER do that!"

But, Something in me has changed.
There's a Confidence that wasn't there before.
An insecurity that hasn't been around for a few years.
I wanted to try it.
So, I did.
And I didn't think, "Oh, no. What if people laugh."
I just thought, "Cool! I have curly hair!"

And I can't wait to see what it does tomorrow...
and the next day...
if it lasts that long.
I'll let you know.  *wink*

Is there something you've been wanting to try... a new style... a new hair color... and new cut... but have been too bound-up by what you're afraid people will think or say?
We only have one life.
I don't want to get to the end of it and say, 
"Man, I wish I would have just tried the curlers."

Go for it.

(Fyi, if insecurity is something you struggle with, you need to be at this with me on April 24th.
And, if you're not here, check around to find one near you!
Life is too short to live without freedom.)

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