Friday, February 19, 2010

Curly Sue, Day 3/Sassy Shoe Thursday/Fashion Tip Friday

I know. You can't put three different blog posts in one post.
Especially when two of them belong on different days.
But, I'm doing it anyway.
So, really, it's only one blog post...
except that it's three.
(This only makes sense in Angela Land... which is where you're at right now... so it makes perfect sense. Yes?)

Curly Sue, Day 3

(To catch up, here's Day 1 and Day 2.)

On the third day of my foray into the Land of Curly Hair things had relaxed quite a bit. 
I could have totally gone without the hat; I would have just needed to tease up the top part and put some product in so my roots weren't flat-as-all-get-out.
But, I wanted to wear the hat.
And I didn't have much time to get ready.
So, I wore the hat.

See? Even softer and flowier. (Spell check is saying "flowier" isn't a word. Well, it SHOULD be. It is in Angela Land, which is where we are, so it will be used as such. Flowier, flowier, flowier. Or maybe we could spell it Flow-y-er.)


The breeze kept blowing that wispy tendril (I said tendril.) into my face while I was trying to get the picture. 
It was funny. 

Jeans: H&M
Shirt: Men's V-neck, Hanes
Vest, Belt, Hat: Goodwill
Shoes, Necklace: My favorite thrift store
Brave leather bracelet: God Chicks
Orange Peel bracelet: Street Vendor (while at God Chicks)
Bone & Tusk bracelet: From Africa, via Mom
Earrings: Gold hoops from some cheap-y set. I don't think you can see them.

I've absolutely loved the curls. They've been super fun to play with, and I think I'll definitely have to keep doing them every so often.
Some of the reactions to my initial post were funny. A few readers were in shock that I would post a pic of me in the curlers... and in my favorite falling apart sweatshirt, no less!
But, we keep it real around here. 
Commentary on real life, by a real woman, for real women... you know?
In fact, I have my favorite sweatshirt on right now. And I COULD show you Curly Sue, Day 4... but that's just a bunch of greasy hair piled on the top of my head that needs a good washing.  =^)
(Actually, it's not that bad. I could probably get another day out of it, but... nah.)

Oh, wait, wait, wait.
I wanted to show you a better pic of the necklace, because I just found it on Tuesday.

It was a little steeper than I usually like to pay... which means it was $6. Ha! But, I knew I would LOVE it when spring and summer outfits roll around.
Can't you see it with some khaki shorts, a plain tee and some cork wedges?
I know. Me, too. That's why I got it.
(But only if my legs are somewhat in the vicinity of having a kind-of tan.)

And now for...

Sassy Shoe Thursday

I found these the same day I found my amazing boots and just flipped beCAUSE I had been looking for a non-chunky-oxford-type shoe!
And there they were!
In red!
And suede!

Now, I realize these aren't a universally-likeable shoe. So, some of you are saying, "Yeah, and I would have left them on the rack!"
But, they're exactly what I've been looking for... 
(Which is why it pays to keep a mental *or actual* list of things you want/need.)
...and I adore them.
They make my toes feel like ten friends on a camping trip.  =^)
(Lame movie, but some great one liners.)

I've worn them quite a few times now, and they're definitely an all-day-feels-like-slippers kind of shoe. Actually, more accurately, they feel like I'm wearing ballet flats or jazz dance shoes. You know those little black leather ones that you can scrunch all up? Those.

It was shortly after this find that Target finally marked down the ones I'd been watching, which are also red.
After I got them home and saw these sitting in my closet I did think, "Oooo... two pairs of red flats? Is that really necessary? Maybe I should return these."
Then I promptly slapped myself and came back to reality.
Because there is never a limit on the number of pairs of red shoes one should own.
Especially when the cost of both pairs together was around six bucks. 
And plaid is totally different.

And now for...

Fashion Tip Friday

See that tee? The Men's Hanes V-neck? 
I bought a pack of six at Target and have been wearing them constantly. 
Soooooo comfy.
I got mediums so they'd be a bit roomy.
All the women's white v-neck shirts are either too boxy and cut too short... or they're too see-through-y... or the V is too low!
I've been looking forever for a good plain white v-neck, and finally realized I had to go to the men's section to get it!
They've been doing plain white tees for decades, so they must have the formula nailed down.
And they do.
And it's lovely.
Plain white tees.
Plain White T's.
Now I have a song stuck in my head.

So, the tip is go get yourself some men's undershirts and add them in to your normal wardrobe.
Added bonus: they make jewelry really pop.

And this pic is purely for my friend Rachel...
throwin' up the peace signs...
with the briquettes in the background...
because I'm standing on our back porch...
because I'm all about keepin' it real, yo!

(Here... you get the song stuck in your head, too... and remember the video for days... and keep saying "awww..." every time it comes to mind.)

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