Sunday, February 28, 2010

"If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one..."

I've been wanting this for a while.
And now I actually need it.
So, if anyone wants to drop a little extra cash on yours truly...
you know, like $3000 extra cash.

I'm just saying! You never know when some mysterious benefactor is out there looking for someone to bless. 
You just never, never know. *wink*

(Guess the post title's movie quote... well, I guess you can't leave a comment here on it... but you can still guess. Maybe I can say "guess" a few more times. Hey! Guess I can!)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Dormant

 Dear Strappy Heels and Peep-toed Slingbacks,

I do love the snow. I do. Oh, so much.
But, you looked so sad today sitting on my closet floor.
I know you haven't seen the light of day in quite a few months now, and you're probably getting pretty anxious in there.
I just want to say, you're gonna make it. You'll be fine.
AND, in just a few short weeks, some of you are going to get to come on a trip to a sunny land they call Florida. 
I know it will only be a brief time out in the world, but Spring is just around the corner. So, you can hope that it will be a warmer Spring than I hear it was last year.
But, know that I see you. 
I hear your cries. 
I feel your pain.
Oh, beautiful Taharis that wait so patiently at the forefront. You nary had time to relish your new life on my feet before you were tucked away, kept safe from winter's shoe worries.
And my Bold Strappy Steve's that are hidden from view, I have such big plans for you!

My dear peep toes, you may come out on a warmer-than-usual winter's day, but I know you yearn for more.

My older stand-by's hidden in the corner.
You are not forgotten!
You. are. not. forgotten.

My goldies hiding behind the rest, I know you're there.
Be confident of this.

Now, not all of you will be able to travel to the warm weather that we'll be visiting. 
BUT, the ones that do will report back with stories of hope and dry parking lots.

So, hang in there. You're gonna make it. 
Don't be too jealous of your closed-toed siblings who've been getting all the face time.
Your day will come. Your day will come.
I'll still visit you every day, and hopefully you'll have some new friends moving in soon to make your family even bigger!

Now, enjoy your peaceful slumber.
Summer will come soon enough.


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Late Night Randomness & Thoughts On Community

Late night Randomness...

*Just found ANOTHER Diane Von Furstenberg vintage trench at one of my thrift stores. 
I KNOW!!! 
It's nearly identical to the one I already have and adore, but is a size Large. I couldn't just leave it there! It HAD to come home with me. 
Which leads me to another random thought...

*I'm contemplating opening an Etsy shop for my fun vintage finds that I can't leave in the store but are the wrong size for me or are too similar to something I already own. 
Because, if it works for moi, I'm going to keep it... probably. 
But, I already have lots on my plate... but, this wouldn't take much... just a few uploads and a trip to the Post Office every now and again. 
Which leads me to...

*Hannah, the wonderful girl sharing our home right now (Did I forget to tell you that?) told me about, where you don't have to pay a listing fee OR transaction fee... or any other fees. 
But, it seems more complicated. But free. Hmm... 
Which leads me to...

*I'm out of Coke right now. It's not on sale anywhere. 
What the heck is wrong with Albertsons? 
Don't you KNOW my hubby is gone and I need carbonated caffeine refreshment at sale price so I don't feel guilty for buying it? Well, you SHOULD know that. 
So, put it on sale already. Because 7-Up is good sometimes, but it just doesn't cut it on a daily basis. Which leads me to...

*Thoughts on friendships and finding authentic community and being able to just be REAL with people... 
such burden in my heart right now for women... men... people in general that don't have this! 
It's the whole point of Church. 
Not "church"... not a building... not where we go on Sundays... but Church... as in people who follow Christ coming together. 
Encouragement. Healing. Authenticity. Life. Together. 
Because Church is people. 
Not a building. 
It's all about relationship. 
Relationship with Christ... relationship with people.
You can't have relationship with a building. 
Relationship isn't fostered by church, it's fostered by Church. By people. Who serve Jesus Christ. Coming together. 
And so many are walking through this life without it...

Some more on this...

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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Just close your eyes and listen. 
Maybe you're not at these places in your life...
 or maybe you are... 
because we all are at some point.
I was nearly a year ago when this song so deeply touched me...
and it continues to...
over and over.
Because these are places we find ourselves in over and over...
which is why I want to share this with you.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Silliness

In honor of all the glorious snow out my window, I thought I would post a special winter-y video for your viewing enjoyment. 
(You can enjoy even more on the MuppetsStudio's Youtube Channel.)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Curly Sue, Day 3/Sassy Shoe Thursday/Fashion Tip Friday

I know. You can't put three different blog posts in one post.
Especially when two of them belong on different days.
But, I'm doing it anyway.
So, really, it's only one blog post...
except that it's three.
(This only makes sense in Angela Land... which is where you're at right now... so it makes perfect sense. Yes?)

Curly Sue, Day 3

(To catch up, here's Day 1 and Day 2.)

On the third day of my foray into the Land of Curly Hair things had relaxed quite a bit. 
I could have totally gone without the hat; I would have just needed to tease up the top part and put some product in so my roots weren't flat-as-all-get-out.
But, I wanted to wear the hat.
And I didn't have much time to get ready.
So, I wore the hat.

See? Even softer and flowier. (Spell check is saying "flowier" isn't a word. Well, it SHOULD be. It is in Angela Land, which is where we are, so it will be used as such. Flowier, flowier, flowier. Or maybe we could spell it Flow-y-er.)


The breeze kept blowing that wispy tendril (I said tendril.) into my face while I was trying to get the picture. 
It was funny. 

Jeans: H&M
Shirt: Men's V-neck, Hanes
Vest, Belt, Hat: Goodwill
Shoes, Necklace: My favorite thrift store
Brave leather bracelet: God Chicks
Orange Peel bracelet: Street Vendor (while at God Chicks)
Bone & Tusk bracelet: From Africa, via Mom
Earrings: Gold hoops from some cheap-y set. I don't think you can see them.

I've absolutely loved the curls. They've been super fun to play with, and I think I'll definitely have to keep doing them every so often.
Some of the reactions to my initial post were funny. A few readers were in shock that I would post a pic of me in the curlers... and in my favorite falling apart sweatshirt, no less!
But, we keep it real around here. 
Commentary on real life, by a real woman, for real women... you know?
In fact, I have my favorite sweatshirt on right now. And I COULD show you Curly Sue, Day 4... but that's just a bunch of greasy hair piled on the top of my head that needs a good washing.  =^)
(Actually, it's not that bad. I could probably get another day out of it, but... nah.)

Oh, wait, wait, wait.
I wanted to show you a better pic of the necklace, because I just found it on Tuesday.

It was a little steeper than I usually like to pay... which means it was $6. Ha! But, I knew I would LOVE it when spring and summer outfits roll around.
Can't you see it with some khaki shorts, a plain tee and some cork wedges?
I know. Me, too. That's why I got it.
(But only if my legs are somewhat in the vicinity of having a kind-of tan.)

And now for...

Sassy Shoe Thursday

I found these the same day I found my amazing boots and just flipped beCAUSE I had been looking for a non-chunky-oxford-type shoe!
And there they were!
In red!
And suede!

Now, I realize these aren't a universally-likeable shoe. So, some of you are saying, "Yeah, and I would have left them on the rack!"
But, they're exactly what I've been looking for... 
(Which is why it pays to keep a mental *or actual* list of things you want/need.)
...and I adore them.
They make my toes feel like ten friends on a camping trip.  =^)
(Lame movie, but some great one liners.)

I've worn them quite a few times now, and they're definitely an all-day-feels-like-slippers kind of shoe. Actually, more accurately, they feel like I'm wearing ballet flats or jazz dance shoes. You know those little black leather ones that you can scrunch all up? Those.

It was shortly after this find that Target finally marked down the ones I'd been watching, which are also red.
After I got them home and saw these sitting in my closet I did think, "Oooo... two pairs of red flats? Is that really necessary? Maybe I should return these."
Then I promptly slapped myself and came back to reality.
Because there is never a limit on the number of pairs of red shoes one should own.
Especially when the cost of both pairs together was around six bucks. 
And plaid is totally different.

And now for...

Fashion Tip Friday

See that tee? The Men's Hanes V-neck? 
I bought a pack of six at Target and have been wearing them constantly. 
Soooooo comfy.
I got mediums so they'd be a bit roomy.
All the women's white v-neck shirts are either too boxy and cut too short... or they're too see-through-y... or the V is too low!
I've been looking forever for a good plain white v-neck, and finally realized I had to go to the men's section to get it!
They've been doing plain white tees for decades, so they must have the formula nailed down.
And they do.
And it's lovely.
Plain white tees.
Plain White T's.
Now I have a song stuck in my head.

So, the tip is go get yourself some men's undershirts and add them in to your normal wardrobe.
Added bonus: they make jewelry really pop.

And this pic is purely for my friend Rachel...
throwin' up the peace signs...
with the briquettes in the background...
because I'm standing on our back porch...
because I'm all about keepin' it real, yo!

(Here... you get the song stuck in your head, too... and remember the video for days... and keep saying "awww..." every time it comes to mind.)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curly Sue, Day 2

I told you I'd keep you updated on how my curly hair experiment is going. And, I have to say... 
Given, I love being able to mix it up, so I'm not going to run out and get a perm or anything.
But, this is so fun!

Yesterday the curls were tighter, bigger... more 80's-ish.
Today, they're soft, romantic...
I feel like running through wheat fields while the theme from The Man From Snowy River plays in the background.
So, while I said I would wait a few months to break out my white cotton-y dress...
I just couldn't do it!
I've been in this mood for pearls and lace and flow-y and...
maybe because spring is just around the corner.
Maybe because the March issue of In Style is all floral and pastel and woodsy and whatnot.
Maybe because my hubby is gone and I miss him.

(I feel a little like Amy Grant. Nate got me her bio for Valentine's Day! I can't wait to read it. She's on my short-short list of people I want to have coffee with someday. Basically, it's her, Sarah Palin, Mary Dunham-Faulkner, and the Women of Faith core team.)

Wait, wait, wait...
doesn't this picture look like I'm about to say, "Fahm boy... fetch me that pitchah?"

(Okay, I'm actually crossing my legs there and trying to curtsy. Instead, it kind of looks like my shoes are on the wrong feet. Oh, well...)

I did wear boots and a scarf, which can walk nearly any warm-weather outfit through the winter months and out into spring again.
I wanted to wear knee-high socks that would scrunch down over the tops of the boots, 
but I didn't have any suitable.
Not even leg warmers.
You couldn't really SEE my winter-white legs, so it was okay, 
but wouldn't some cream or yellow cable-knit ones have looked cute?

Dress: BCBG, via Goodwill (thrifted vintage white slip beneath enables me to actually WEAR the dress)
Denim buttondown shirt: Gap, via Goodwill
Boots: Thrifted recently
Silk scarf: Brought from Italy from my amazing friend
Pearls: Nate's Grandmother's
Necklace: My great aunt's
Brave Bracelet: God Chicks last June
Pearl Bracelets: cheap-y and wonderful

There you have your Curly Sue update.
I'm now off to dance with the dryads in the wood and gaze into a glassy pond
while humming Jessica's Theme.

Have you seriously not seen The Man From Snowy River???
You need to watch it.
One of the best movies ever made.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Curly Sue

I've been wanting to try something for forEVer.
Okay, maybe not forEVer,
but at least a few months.
Quite a few months.
(And, often, that seems like forEVer.)
Ever since I saw this.
(Just giving credit where credit is due.)
Because I've always wanted curly hair.
And the perm in 7th grade didn't quite work the way I had planned.
So, I've been left wanting...
all these years...
until now.

A couple weeks ago I went into Sally's and bought little one inch foam rollers.
(I got the satin covered ones, in case you're wondering. Made for not-as-much-frizziness upon extraction.)
They've been out every other time I've gone in.
But not last week.

Last night I showered, then put my wonderfully awesome Aveda Be Curly stuff in.
(This is what I usually use when I just sleep on it wet,
or blow dry kind of wavy in the mornings.
I should get a diffuser, because that would make it even awesome-r, but it won't fit on my dryer. I could get a new dryer.


I put in the curlers.

Section by section.

But, I rolled the hair around the from the ROOT to ends, NOT from the ends to the root.
Get it?
So, in essence, the curl was tighter closer to my noggin.

(It didn't take as long as it sounds.
Maybe fifteen minutes.)

And slept with them in.

After the kids left for school I did my normal morning/face-wash/makeup routine,
then paused for a picture before taking them out:

(Look! My trusty eleven-year-old sweatshirt! No, we're not Bucaneers fans. Long story. Ironic, though, that Nate is in Tampa right now. Hmmm...)

And, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! The JOY at the curls!
I was seriously laughing, which is why I couldn't get a non-blurry picture. 
(Yes, that sentence contains a double-negative.)

LOVED IT!!!!!!

When I first took them out I had short ringlets all over my head.
I just ran my fingers through them.
I was trying to fro-it-out as best I could,
but the front part was going to drive me a tad bonkers, so I pinned it back.
Then, for good measure, I stuck in a satin-y flower.

These next photos I took after I came home from my out-and-about-meetingish-lunchish-schoolish stuff,
so it had relaxed some.

Dress: Ross, forever ago.
Long-sleeved tee: H&M
Jacket: Gap, via Goodwill
Tights: Costco. Love!
Scarf: Forever 21
Flower in hair: Came on some pants from Arden B years ago, stuck in with bobby pins.
Necklaces: Grams' and Great-Aunt's
Pearl earrings: Nate's Grandmother's
(You can't see the bracelets.)

Some closeups:

Look! I have wrinkles!!! Eeek!

(Amber! You totally need to do this. With the length your hair is it would fro-out perfectly and look amazing! You could even do a little head-band or satin ribbon in it. Ooooo... send me pics when you do, okay?)

So, I totally loved this whole kind of 80's vibe thing. 
When I put the curlers in I never thought about what I was going to wear with it,
but it turned out a little Desperately-Seeking-Susan-Mystic-Pizza-ish...
which was perfect.

I also think a soft, wispy romantic thing would be nice.
Maybe my flowy white summer dress in a few months?

Later I exchanged the tights and heels for jeans and flats, which are easier to manage at a soccer game and McDonald's:

Gray Skinny Jeans: H&M
Flats: Target, last week

Ian obviously wanted in on the photos, via the hall mirror.

At my meeting today, a friend commented that she thought it was cool that I would just try something new like this. And I realized, there was a time I wouldn't.
I would have thought, "Ack! I WANT to, but it's so different. What will people think? I could NEVER do that!"

But, Something in me has changed.
There's a Confidence that wasn't there before.
An insecurity that hasn't been around for a few years.
I wanted to try it.
So, I did.
And I didn't think, "Oh, no. What if people laugh."
I just thought, "Cool! I have curly hair!"

And I can't wait to see what it does tomorrow...
and the next day...
if it lasts that long.
I'll let you know.  *wink*

Is there something you've been wanting to try... a new style... a new hair color... and new cut... but have been too bound-up by what you're afraid people will think or say?
We only have one life.
I don't want to get to the end of it and say, 
"Man, I wish I would have just tried the curlers."

Go for it.

(Fyi, if insecurity is something you struggle with, you need to be at this with me on April 24th.
And, if you're not here, check around to find one near you!
Life is too short to live without freedom.)

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Makeup/No Makeup Tuesday...

I said I would post this. But, what's a girl to do? Makeup just doesn't stay on all day. So, this is whatcha get.

(Ummm... in the video I say "video"... but I mean "post." 

It's the end of the day.

Give me a break, okay?


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Monday, February 15, 2010

No Makeup Monday

And then, rather than finishing the box of chocolates whilst the video processed to youtube... I ate some poor soul's candy necklace that was left laying on the counter.


(Well, wasn't THAT an odd frame for youtube to represent the video with. Lovely. Just lovely.)
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

"My funny Valentine..."

"... sweet, comic Valentine. You make me smile with my heart.
Your looks are laughable,
Yet you're my favorite work of art."

I had the idea.
The smiles just weren't working.
So I said, "Do a face you would do for Daddy."

Yep. That's more realistic,
more us.

So, that's what I framed and put in the Valentine's Day package.

Happy Valentine's...

"Each day is Valentine's Day..."
(echo: "it's Valentine's Day." That's just for my JCHS vocal jazz peeps. *wink*)

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Something SO cool...

If you enjoyed reading my recap of meeting Sarah Palin and you have a few seconds...

go here...

then click to view specific events in the upper left hand corner...

then click on the Colorado Springs event toward the bottom...

then in the drop down menu go to 1701-1750...

and there you'll see me and Brit in the second row of photos.

I'm going to HAVE to order them!!! I just don't know WHAT to order!!!

So cool. So, SO cool.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Gotta Love Plaid

So, I've been waiting for a while for these shoes to go 75% off.
I mean, why get them at 50% off when there's a ton left and you know they'll go 75%?

And, it finally happened.
They were four dollars and something cents,
which is just a lovely, lovely thing.

But, with the first pair I gleefully acquired, one was slightly larger than the other.
(No, it wasn't my feet.)
So, I went back yesterday, tried all the other pairs of 7 1/2's on,
and found well-fitting ones.

I wore them all day today.
Glorious, glorious.
Plaid makes my feet feel happy...
and maybe a little Scottish.  =^)

(By the way, if you look online they're still only 50% off.)
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"I love technology..."

I am very thankful for technology and iChat
And, although I have many things vying for time right now (actually, "many" is an understatement, but me thinks "plethora" a tad overused at the moment), our afternoons and evenings usually revolve around this:

Brit loves and misses her Daddy so much.

And then her Daddy realizes I am taking photos to capture this chapter in our lives, 
and he decides to think of something billowy:

Always the one to make Brit smile.

"I love technology, but not as much as you, you see. 
But, yes, I love technology...
always and forever."

This post is a part of Wordful Wednesday over at
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Recap

Okay... Saints won, Colts lost.

That on-side kick was something else, I tell ya. Ca.ray.zay.
I felt badly that it was Kendra's hubby that missed the recovery.

And the interception? Totally saw that one coming. Totally.
Peyton almost threw one a few plays earlier and I was sitting on the couch saying, "Don't do it, man! You're getting too risky. Don't do it!"
And then he did it.

Not that we really cared who won, I'm just a Super Bowl fan in general.
But, I was kinda going for the Colts, just because I like Peyton Manning.
He does funny commercials.

Alrighty, then.
Now that we have THAT settled, let's look at the other important Super Bowl aspects:

Ummm... Queen Latifah... ummm...
So, I think she was super nervous.
I mean, I could TELL she was super nervous.
And then she obviously couldn't hear because she pulled her in-ear monitor out.
She had a really hard time sustaining any of the notes and didn't look comfortable at all.
America the Beautiful is one of my favorite songs, as you all know.
Bottom line, I just felt badly for her. You could tell she really wanted to do it and do it well, but she just couldn't pull it off this time.
The children's choir was a very nice touch, and frankly, I think they kind of saved the performance.
Queen Latifah seemed much more comfortable once she got to the more soulful part of the arrangement.
I was really pulling it for her, and I think she's capable of a much better performance than that.
I know she is.
Just, sometimes it doesn't quite happen, and that's just how it goes.

Now, I have to give Carrie Underwood total props.
The girl did the Anthem live!
Not canned!
It seems like it's been canned for so long.
This is hands down one of the. hardest. songs. to. sing. EVER.
You can't screw it up. You. Just. CAN'T.
I mean, you can, but you really, really shouldn't...
which would necessitate the word CAN'T.

Carrie did a great job. She was a tad pitch-y at a few spots, and I did wince when she went more-sharp-than-is-comfortable on the final note. But, I would much rather have a live performance with a few usual tonal hiccups than a canned one any day of the week.

Okay, and now for the biggie...
the halftime show...

SERIOUSLY!!!! What the HECK CBS??? Do you think we're deaf AND blind?
Not to put down The Who, because I know there was a time that they brought it.
And not that they didn't necessarily bring it here to the best of their ability, but...
hardly anyone even knew their songs!
Seeing as how three of the five they did were theme songs for CBS' CSI series, I'm wondering if this was just one big plug for the network's shows?

I know they tried to make it all fancy-like with the swirly-twirly lights,
but they just couldn't hide the fact that what was supposed to be entertaining

At all.


Watching this year's halftime show made me feel like CBS was trying to skate one by on the viewers, hoping no one really noticed the extreme mediocrity.
The whole point of a halftime show is to entertain us,
to make us want to watch it and wait to go to the bathroom or refill our sodas or get more food.

And, I tried. I did try.
But, sadly, I wound up fast-forwarding. (We tivo'd the game and started at the beginning when the actual game was about 45 minutes in. Having the fast forward option is very handy.)

The sad thing is, the shows used to be pretty good...
until Justin and Janet ruined it all for us viewers.
(What the heck, guys?)
Since then it's been Paul McCartney (okaaayyyy),
The Rolling Stones (eh)
Prince (okaaaayyy, but not widely-appealing)
Tom Petty (eh)
Bruce Springsteen (eh)
and then this year.

What the hiz-eck CBS? 

Remember Shania, No Doubt and Sting?
Remember when Aerosmith teamed up with Britney Spears?
"Walk this way, talk this way..."
(I'm not saying that I'm all for Britney Spears, what I'm saying is that it was a good show.
I'm sure she'd show way more her of her bits and pieces now, ala Janet. I'm just saying the show with Aerosmith and... wait for it... *N Sync was good.)

So, in light of the continual frustration and disappointment, I have formed a facebook group to bring attention to this grave travesty known as mediocre Super Bowl halftime entertainment.
Consider this your invitation to join!!!
I give you... 

*Drumroll, please.*


Band together with me and let's try to get someone's attention!
Help Super Bowl XLV get back on track with great halftime entertainment!
I'm not talking nas-tay, Miss-Janet-showing-her-girls-to-my-children entertainment.
I'm talking something that gets me up off the couch dancing.
Something that pumps me up.
Something that keeps me in front of the tv instead of sending me to get more chips.

Bring on the Black Eyed Peas!
Bring on the Pants On the Ground guy! (My hubby's suggestion)
Bring on music from the teams' towns, per the suggestion of my friend Russ. We could have had Jazz and Cajun music this year, and you totally dropped the ball, CBS!
Don't just have Jay-Z and Rihanna sing the show's opener in a cool video. Have them come out and kick halftime off with it. 
("Ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh...")
(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Even better, since it's going to be in Texas, why not get the Black Eyed Peas together with some big country names! Mix it up. Surprise us!

Do you know who I would like to see?
TobyMac and Switchfoot w/Superchick thrown into the mix. That could make for some fun stuff.
Or what about Skillet?
Okay, so not as widely known as a mega-group, but all have gone mainstream,
and they would do a great show.
Now, there are some responsible entertainers who would raise the roof AND have an awesome moral base!
Better yet, just put TobyMac in charge and he'll come up with something amazing.

I know you're worried of a repeat of 2004,
but you've overreacted.
At some point, we've got to move on.
There ARE well-known and well-loved, responsible entertainers out there who have a good track record of not flashing their audience.
They can be found.
If you need help, I would be more than glad to come advise you on who your viewers would actually like to see.

So, come on Super Bowl XLV planning committee.
Rise to the challenge.
Bring us something great this time next year.

And, as for my readers, go and join the facebook group!
We can change the world...
or at least the world of Super Bowl halftime entertainment.
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Friday, February 5, 2010


We spend a good portion of our lives waiting.

For spouses.
For children.
For friends. 
For news.
For perfect timing.
For a sign.
For the next big step.
For something to come.
For something to go.
For the washing machine to get done.

We just spend a lot of time waiting.

It can be frustrating.
We can hem and haw and wring our hands and let our minds wander
with the "what if's" and the "but's" and the "maybe's."

We can grow impatient with the waiting,
because it can be hard,
because we want it to be over,
because we want to be there,
wherever there is.

We can assume.
We can try to move things along.
We can even give up.

we can just wait.

Because, there is purpose in the waiting.
There is a blessing that comes in the waiting.
There are things learned in the waiting.

And sometimes we are being called to stop waiting and get up and do.
But often we are being called to simply wait.
To rest.
To trust.
And if we try to get up and do before we're called to,
we miss the beauty that's hidden in the wait.
We miss the fullness that comes at the end of the waiting...
that is a product of the waiting.

I am learning to not second-guess God.
I am learning to not overlay what He directs me to do with what I think the purpose or reason is.
Because, I don't understand His ways,
and what I think the reason is
rarely turns out to be the reason.

I am learning there is preparation in the waiting. 
Preparation for me.
For others.
For circumstances.

I am learning that I cannot see growth in roots,
because it happens below the surface.
I'm learning that I cannot see the strength of the foundation,
because it is concealed inside.

But, even though I can't see the see the roots' growth,
I love the beauty of the fruit that comes from it.
And, even though I can't see the foundation's strength,
I love the solid footing that it gives me.

I am learning that the ache in my gut,
for something I can hardly put words to,
always becomes clear in His time.

And if I try to put words to it before He makes it clear,
it makes very little sense to anyone else.
So, I've stopped trying.
And instead, I wait.

And, yes, sometimes I wonder.
And, yes, sometimes I freak out.
And, yes, sometimes I overlay things with my assumed reasoning.
And, yes, sometimes I get impatient and mentally stomp my foot and say,
"When is the waiting going to be over?
When are You going to show me?
When are You going to bring it all together?"

But, I'm learning... trust... rest... glean... pray...
To at times move forward without understanding.
And to wait.

Because, the waiting is the hardest part...

...but it's also the most necessary.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Another Item Off My List

This last Friday Nate had to get some things done up at the Academy. Ticky-tack deployment things, like getting a name tag sewn on and buying some extra rank and stuff. 
He had wanted to go up Thursday, but why go up Thursday when you can go up Friday? 
This makes total sense, yes?

Seeeeewwwww... we went up on Friday to do the errands at the places that just happen to be located in the same plaza as the Academy Thrift store... that isn't open on Thursdays. *wink* 
Oh, and wouldn't you know, we had a few extra minutes to spare! 
Why, imagine that.

I made a bee-line for the shoe rack moseyed on in, sauntering my way to the back corner where I just happened to find the shoes. After unearthing an unlikely gem on the regular rack (those are another post entirely), I turned just right and looked just the right direction to notice *gasp* another shoe rack... for boots... that are too tall to go on the regular rack. 
Knee high boots! 
Oh, my gloriousness!!!

It was then the heavens opened and a light shone down onto one particular pair. 
The angels sang and I was drawn into a tractor beam headed straight for something whose price tag I was afraid to look at and size I was hoping was right.

Okay, so maybe it didn't happen exactly like that. But, there was an exclamation that drew glances from other shoppers. 
"Oh, my GOSH! Honey! Look!"
(I'm not sure the expression on Nate's face indicated surprise and excitement, as mine did. But, I'm confident he was feeling it inside.)

I picked up the treasure, turned it over, and saw a glorious 37 printed on the bottom. (7 1/2, European sizing)
I then winced a little as I fingered the price tag...


I now posses brown leather riding boots that I bought for THREE DOLLARS!!!!!! 
And, even better, they are leather lined, too! 
I know, I know, I KNOW!

My jumping and squealing in the corner of the thrift store drew some more odd stares glances, but I didn't care. 
(There was a point in time where Nate did care, but he's used to it now.)
 I tried them on, and they even fit my calves, which, as you remember, is always an issue.

Now, I have my heeled brown boots that I adore. 
And, yes, I spend most of the winter (and fall and spring) in my Fake Costco Uggs
(I still want to call them Fuggs. Fake Uggs. But, it still doesn't sound right.) 
But, I've SO wanted a pair of flat brown leather boots that are more casual than heels, but more pulled-together than Fuggs. 
(I said it! I said it!)

Now, just look-y at that. I have some. 
Another thing crossed off my shopping list. 
And they even have little straps with buckles around the ankle and the tops of the shafts angle downward, which you don't notice at first but is super cool. 
AND they are thoroughly worn and broken in. (Bonus!) 
AND, they're super-duper comfy. 
AAANNNDDD... did I mention they were only three dollars? 
Because they were. 
They were only three dollars.

When I got home I googled the name on the bottom, and the only thing that came up is a shoe store in MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That's in SPAIN! 
Holy COW! Isn't that cool? 
Some chiquita bought these in Spain, and now they sit in my closet. 

Actually, at the moment they're on my feet.

Wonderfully soft brown leather riding boots.

For three dollars. (Did I say that already?)

"Happy, happy, joy, joy.
Happy, happy, joy, joy."

Already fabulously broken in.
Oh, did I say that?
Did I also tell you they were three dollars?

Pulling it all together...
Boots: Oh, we've already discussed this.
Jeans: H&M
Tank: French Quarter in SLO
Sweater: Target, ages ago
Vest: Gap, ages ago
Scarf: Streets of New York (That sounds way cool.)
Brave Bracelet: God Chicks conference last June
Gold Hoops: Can't remember.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Packing up Daddy

Sunday night Nate was getting everything packed up for his early morning flight (that turned into a late morning flight) on Monday. 
The kids just wanted to be with him and "help" him get ready for his deployment. I mean, camo is so cool!

Then Ian decided he wanted to go, too, which resulted in the video down there at the bottom. 
What I didn't record was Ian getting back in the suitcase, Taylor zipping it up, and proceeding to roll Ian all around the room.

I love my silly family so much.  =^)

This post is a part of Wordful Wednesday over at Seven Clown Circus.

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