Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Ode

It's doing a number on my abs.

...and arms

...and thighs

...and (insert name of muscular group here).

But, I now remember the one thing I dislike about starting up workouts again:

You get a little bigger before you get smaller.

You gain a little weight before you lose it.

You grow wobblier before you become steadier.

I guess that's extra incentive, eh?

And now, an Ode:

Oh, Wii Fit Plus. You are my trainer and torturer.

Oh, Super Hula Hoop, I love you and loathe you.

Oh, Rhythm Boxing, why do you mock my ability so?

Oh, Advanced Step, I don't agree with your judgment of timing.

Oh, Obstacle Course, I can walk. I have judgement. You disbeliever.

Oh, Yoga, I will conquer your Chair pose. I will conquer.

Oh, Strength Training, your Table stance seemed so much easier the first time around.

I will master you.

I will master you.

 I will master you.

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