Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting Our Goofy On

I have a strategy. When we're somewhere and the kids get a little more bored and restless than "count everything you can see that's red" or "pick some blades of grass and make something out of them" can handle...

I pull out the camera...

(We bought a small point-and-shoot at Costco years ago so I can keep it in my purse.
I always have it with me.)

...and I hold it at arms length...

...and we get our goofy on.

Here we were sitting at a soccer game this past fall.
Ian was bored.
"Mmmmooommm... how much longer?"
"I'm huuuuuunnnngrrrrryyyyyy."
"Can I play ringtones on your cell phone?"
"Can we go yet?"
"How much looooooonger?"

So, I pulled out the camera.
These pictures are the series of what resulted.

This strategy has actually made for some adorable photos.
I look back through iPhoto and smile.
Sometimes, I'm glad the kids get bored,
and that I have my little point-and-shoot in my purse.

*This post is a part of Wordful Wednesday, over at Seven Clown Circus*
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