Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four days and counting...

I guess I don't even know what to write. Not about this.

It's not that there aren't things to write, it's just that I have so many mixed emotions I'm not sure WHICH to write...
which leads me to believe maybe I shouldn't write any of them.

At least not now.

It hasn't quite been reality. Like the thing you know is coming, but doesn't feel like it's coming?
Then after Christmas it became more real.
Four months is a long time, and there is much to prepare.
But, four months is not as long as six months, for which I am extremely grateful.
And, four months is not a 365, for which my gratefulness knows no bounds.
But, after the Christmas decor was put away, I couldn't ignore anymore that the four months was coming, nonetheless.

And now
it's almost here.

On Monday, it will be here.

And this last week I want to be smiley and happy and laughing,
but instead I find myself in this weird in-between place.
This really weird place of mixed emotions,
but lots of emotions,
but sometimes feeling numb,
and sometimes overwhelmed with such thankfulness because we are SO blessed.
So, SO blessed.

But, in the midst of all of it, four months comes on Monday.

And we'll be fine.
We'll be more than fine.
More than bent on getting by.
More than fine.
More than just okay.
(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

But, we'll still have to walk it out... by day...
...carpool by carpool...
...meal by meal...
...bedtime by bedtime...
...Sunday service by Sunday service...
...sports practice by sports practice... by game...
we'll walk it out.

And then, come early June, hopefully the four months will be over. (hopefully)

And, really, the kids get a trip to Florida out of the deal. I mean, Spring Break in Tampa? It doesn't get much better.
And, we don't get to go to the dessert, but at least he can bring me back some amazing jewelry.
(Right, Honey? You're going to, in case I forgot to remind you.)

We have so much going on,
such an incredibly busy schedule,
and God has been adding in more things,
and they're all totally do-able and just happen to fit,
as if He knows we'll be better off as long as we stay quite occupied.
Funny how He knows us like that.

So, maybe I did know what to write.
Kind of.
Because I still didn't write any of the things that I didn't know which one to write about.
(I'm not sure that made sense to you.
It made sense to me.)

And I am thankful.
I am so, SO, so thankful.
Beyond measure.
Because my God is my protector.
He is my provider.
He is my strength.

And He is Nate's, too.

Four months? We can totally do four months.

Bring it on.
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