Friday, January 15, 2010

Help and Prayer for Haiti...

There are many, many ways to contribute to relief efforts going on in Haiti. In case you haven't known what to do or to whom you should give, I wanted to post Compassion's link.

And, in other news of how prayer works mightily, a friend of a friend, who was over in Haiti working for Compassion, was pulled alive and relatively okay earlier today from the rubble of Hotel Montana. I've been praying, along with countless people, for his rescue. Dan Woolley lives here in Colorado Springs with his wife and two children and was buried in the hotel's elevator shaft, which I'm sure was the best place of protection since the rest of the hotel was pretty much leveled. Thank you, Jesus!!! (Search efforts are still under way to locate and rescue the videographer who was with him, so we're still praying.)

I know there will be countless stories of miracles that emerge from this horrible tragedy, this being just one. God can bring good from devastating circumstances such as these!
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