Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ask Angela: Yellow Pants

Dear Angela,
I was wondering if you had any tips for yellow pants, like how do you accessorize? What kind of shoes do you wear with them? Etc.

Ooooo... what a fun question! The thing is, a yellow pant is just like any other pant in that you can totally wear them in the same way.

But... if you wear a yellow pant... you have to be okay with being noticed.
Because you will be noticed.
Just like anyone who wears a bright color in a usually-unexpected way.
(I could go on forever here about people who are afraid of being "noticed"... or seen at all...
 wearing blah, wash-out colors, and how that is awful and you're putting yourself down by thinking you must wear boring, unnoticeable clothes and you need to step out of the box and let yourself be noticed! I could. But, I won't. At least, not right now.)

It used to be said that if you're wearing a bright color, keep everything else toned down. But, times are a-changin' and we can be confined by that no more! Case in point:

Bright, happy colors abound! (If I could remember where I found this pic, I'd totally link it. Whoops!) See how she mixes the yellow with everything ranging from lights to darks to jewel tones (love)? AND, her shoes aren't all yawn-y, either.
Now, I'm not as much for wearing nude with bright yellow, just because I don't think the tones are the best together. But, it can work. (I think her shoes are nude in those first two aren't they? Am I blind?)

Another rule people have thrown around that we're going to lay to rest right here is if you're going to wear a bright color, don't pair it with a pattern.
You go ahead and grab that zebra print or polka dot or whatever!
Rihanna makes my case:

Okay, both these examples have been skinny pants. (I know, I know. I hear you already.)

For those who want a more relaxed option, here's a great style done by JCrew:

And, look! They're paired with a striped tee! Who woulda thought...
See how great they look with some sandals and that perfect slouch through the leg?

Accessory-speaking, you have endless options. Truly, what you pull together the outfit with doesn't need to change just because your pants have color. (In my opinion, at least.) I would stay away from going with ALL yellow. (Nothing against Big Bird.) But, bring on the big, bold accessories! Or the smaller, less-conspicuous kind. Either work. Really!

Here, I love the floral scarf with chunky necklace layered beneath. And, her shoes are yellow! There was a time that would have been said to be overkill. Oh, not so. Not so.

One thing to be careful of is production quality. Many times with brightly colored pants, labels think they can get away with thinner fabric and lighter stitching. What the heck? That just makes them pull, or you have the see-through-y-issue.
Not. okay.

Another thing I would be careful of is neon yellow.

See? Yellow and neon yellow are not interchangeable. If that particular look is the one you're going for, alright... but only if you're channeling an 80's popstar or avant-garde fashion diva. 99% of the time for 99% of people it's not going to work. So, basically, just stay away from it.

While we're on the rabbit trail of shades of yellow, be careful with mustard. It just doesn't look good on everyone.

AND, I would NOT say you need to keep your yellow pants confined to your spring or summer wardrobes. Mix them with heavier-weight pieces and give fall and winter an unexpected boost! (Fyi, just like with your white pants.)

To conclude: Rock them just like you rock everything else.
And don't be afraid of being noticed.

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