Thursday, January 7, 2010

Answered Prayers

So, I've been asking God to make some things clear in a certain area of our family's life. You know, just show us if we're supposed to take the A, B, or C path kind of thing. Or create movement to push us from the current situation, if that's what's supposed to happen. Tuesday I prayed pretty specifically about it.

And then suddenly... yesterday... Wednesday... as in, the day after Tuesday... He did.

It's just that sometimes I ask, but I guess maybe don't expect Him to respond quite that quickly or decisively. At least not right away.

So, when He does it's kind of like, "What? Huh? Oh, NOW?"

Then I remember that I was the one asking for this in the first place. And even if it comes about in a way that's different than I was thinking it would, it's still happening.

Just like I asked it to.

Which can be good and weird and sudden and good and wait-I'm-not-quite-ready and are-you-sure and even a little frustrating, because I'm not sure if we're ready.

But still good.

Because He answered my prayer. MY prayer. The one I prayed.

It makes me wonder if He was just sitting there waiting for me to pray it.

Then I did.

And He was like, "Bam! Done."

I'm thankful. And wary. But, I'm sure. Because He did it. So we must be ready. So, I'm thankful.

(I think He might be chuckling just a little at me.)
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