Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The thing is...

...that I'm TRYING very hard to get up my Christmas Tour of Homes post.
(I want to link up to the Christmas Tree Party, too.)

I tried to get it up Sunday evening so I could link up with everyone right away.
I realized that wasn't going to happen, so I aimed for Monday morning.
But, Sunday whilst my wonderful hubby was doing his homework and I was supposed to be putting up Christmas decor, I started feeling really icky.
Like, really icky.
So icky that I had to lay down on the couch in-between editing his stuff...
 instead of decking the halls in-between editing his stuff.
(It could have been all the soda and coffee I had earlier in the evening.
But we'll say it was something else, instead.)

So, I'm almost there. But, life interrupts, you know?
For some reason, kids still need to eat.
And there are still errands to run.
And commitments to keep.
And my house is messy.

And not everything is up.

And I'm about to shove all the rest of everything back into the storage bins.

Because it's hard when you move to a new house.
In the old house you knew where everything was going to go.
So you got it out and put it there.
In a new house you have to find new places for everything.
Which can be fun and challenging.
But not as much when you aren't able to get your Christmas decor out until halfway through December.

Because at that point you just want it up.

Maybe tonight. Maybe I'll be able to link up tonight.

But, this is real life.
I'm trying to be realistic.

So, maybe tomorrow.

Your life house gets this way, too, right?

See the Santa container sitting on my stovetop?
It has snowball cookies in it.
I made them to take to a party in an hour or so.
But, really, I want to eat them all myself.
Right now.
Self-control can be really stinky.

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jenn n' steve said...

lol! Angela you are hilarious! And yes, everyones lives and houses get like that...I know the feeling of not wanting to open boxes and moving to new places with not a clue as where to put things. We've been basically living out of boxes for the last 2 years. I hate it. I want to get rid of it all! But I can't because I know at some point I'm going to want them.

Anna said...

"Amen" to embracing real life. Sometimes you just gotta' let it go and enjoy the day for what it is.

Merry Christmas!