Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I still can't quite believe it. It was really cool. It was beyond cool. A really fun experience. Not in a weird-drooling-over-someone-famous way. But, in an I-really-respect-this-person way. Meeting a celebrity who is just famous for being famous is one thing. (And, let me tell you, there are very few people/events that would have me standing in line like this. Ever. But, meeting her was on my "line" list.) However, meeting Sarah Palin was coming face to face with a person whose life and immovable stance on hard issues has inspired me to keep going, to keep doing my best to change this world for the better.

And the awesome thing was Brit got to experience it with me, and that made everything that. much. better.

I thought Sarah was doing a book signing in Denver, but didn't realize until late Monday night that, no! It was here! In Colorado Springs! At the Borders not far from my house! They would hand out wristbands in the morning, then she would sign that evening.

Then I thought about it. We didn't know if the kids would have a snow day or not. Nate had to be up at the Academy's firing range early to qualify with the 9mm. (He had a blast. He qualified as an expert. He's so cute.) The house was messy. I had some things I needed to get done. Who even knows if I'd get through the line? So, Monday night I thought, "Well, I'm sure I'll get the chance to meet her again someday. I guess I won't go."

But then I woke up Tuesday morning and it was a different story. The kids had a snow day. They were hanging out eating waffles and watching TV. And I could not... COULD NOT... shake the urge that I should go. (I had that same feeling a year ago about something that I didn't follow through on, and I missed something that could have possibly been pretty cool. So, I wasn't going to ignore it again.) It was shortly after 9am, and I thought, what the heck? I have an hour or so to spare. I'll just go down there and see what happens.

There were mass people, (you can't see that the line wraps way down and around, then snakes down another hallway). BUT, after standing in line for an hour and a half I DID get a wristband. They were handing them out by color, according to where you were in line. By the time I got up there, my color wasn't guaranteed to get through that evening. But the employees said, judging by the other signings, I would get through. They said Sarah had been doing her best to try and see everyone that came. (Because she's cool like that.) They also said to be there around 5:30... which I could not do. Brit had a soccer game, but we would risk it.

And, you know what was interesting about the people in line? They were very well dressed. They were extremely polite and well-mannered. From the conversations I could hear, they were educated. It just struck me as interesting, because from what I've seen in the media, Palin supporters are depicted as rowdy right-wing crazies. These were business professionals, college students, young girls, moms pushing strollers, some with special needs children (some of whom wanted to thank Sarah for standing up for life), whole families, couples in uniform. Definitely a different crowd than the media would have you believe.

Brit's game was at 6:00pm (they lost, but she scored their only goal), and we went straight to the mall afterward via McDonald's drive-through. I had asked Brit earlier if she wanted to go with me. (She loved Sarah during the election, and has spoken of her often since.) After her game she said quite decidedly, "Yes! I want to meet Sarah Palin."

"You don't want to come out to dinner with the rest of us?" Nate seemed a bit surprised.

"Dad, I want to meet her!" Came a determined voice.


So Nate and the boys dropped us two girls off at the mall, and we stood at the end (remember, we were late) of our wristband color line. The only people behind us were the ones who didn't get wristbands at all.

The conversations were intriguing. As I said, most people in line seemed very educated on issues, and not belligerent or disrespectful in anyway. They weren't all die-hard republicans, either. Rather, quite a few of them were independents who at one time supported our current administration, but have recently become very disappointed with the direction our country is taking. To them, Palin is a bright spot of hope in a gloomy political world.

(Here we are with my book that Nate lovingly ran to Costco in the blowing snow to get for me after I secured the wristband. It was on my Christmas list, but this definitely warranted an early gift. Hee-hee. I have such a wonderful hubby!)

I was asked a few times why I liked Sarah so much. I said simply what I've always said, "She stands up for what's right and doesn't compromise, even in the face of great opposition. We share the same convictions."

Brit and I only had to wait two hours, then we were told to check our coats and purses before going up the escalator. We weren't supposed to take cameras, but one of the helpers said we could take our cell phones and use the cameras on those. So, I did get some shots... but they turned out blurry. *ahem* Very blurry. The line moved pretty fast. Yet, as soon as Brit and I laid eyes on Sarah, who was sitting at a table with her husband, Todd, and a helper, we both said the same thing, "She's beautiful!"

And I am NOT exaggerating here, people. She is truly beautiful, which makes me realize why it's hard for the media to find an unflattering picture of her. They do their best, and she's usually shown with her mouth open in the middle of speaking or her lips pursed in concentration. But... she. is. gorgeous. And she has great highlights!!!  =^)

I kept trying to snap a few pictures while taking it all in, and I'm sad to say these are the best I got:

I know. I know. They're not even remotely decent at all. But, it's hard when the line is moving quickly and you're excited and you're taking pictures on a cell phone! Give a girl a break!

There was a photographer there who will have shots available on-line. I'm sure for a fortune, but it would be worth it if there is a good one of us girlies with Sarah.

Right after I took this picture, we moved up to the table and Sarah shook Brit's hand. "Well, hi! What's your name?"

"Brittney," Brit smiled.

"How old are you, Brittney?"

"I'm nine."

"I bet you're in the third grade, aren't you?"

"Yes." She was grinning from ear to ear. And she had her soccer t-shirt still on.

"You play soccer! That's is so great that you love soccer!"

I chimed in, "We actually just came straight from her game."

Sarah looked at me, "Oh, I'm so glad you came." Then she paused, "You have GREAT hair!"

I kind of laughed, "Thank you! And thank you for all you do. It's so wonderful to meet you." I wish I would have given her the same compliment back, because her hair did look really good. Us girls, you know. We connect over the important issues.  =^)

"Well, Brittney, it's so nice to meet you both. Thank you guys so much for coming out."

I shook her hand, in-between her furiously signing books. Then we both shook her husband, Todd's hand. He smiled warmly and thanked us. It was then that I took a note out of my pocket and handed it to him. "This is for Sarah. It's just a few things I wanted her to know." I slid it across the table. He looked a little surprised, and said another thank you. Sarah looked over and noticed, too.

You know, I wished I would have told her how much I pray for her and her family. But the note said that. I wish I would have told her how thankful I am that she stands up for what's right, when others compromise or just cave altogether. But the note said that, too. I wish I would have told her I want to sing the National Anthem for one of her events. But, that was also in the note.  =^)

And, I have to tell you, the Palins are everything I ever thought they would be. Warm, friendly, welcoming. There was no hint of "politician" or "schmoozing." It's like you were saying a quick hello to a longtime friend you just had a few moments with. And, I know you skeptics out there are going to say, "Well, that's because she's just a smooth politician."

You know what? Maybe. But I think it goes deeper. In our few brief seconds with Sarah, I saw a woman of faith, of passion, of caring, of warmth, a woman who can make a difference, a woman who is walking out the call on her life.

I saw a woman with God-confidence.

So, say whatever you want. I met her. I talked to her. I saw her relate to my daughter. I spoke with her and her husband. There is something different the radiates from a woman who is trusting God, who is filled with His Spirit, and who is confident in Him. Sarah is that woman.

I had so many things I had wanted to say. I wanted to snap a picture of her shoes. And I forgot all of it.

But it was worth standing in line. It was worth the wait. Brit even agreed it was worth the McDonald's drive-through instead of going to Famous Dave's with the boys. (Which is exactly what they did as soon as they dropped us off.) She loved meeting Sarah Palin.

And I'm still glowing from it. Because she's real, she's normal, she's us. Which I knew, but now I know.

She's a woman striving to make a difference... striving to remind people of what's right, what's good, what's moral, what's God-given. She's using the gifts and passions she's been given to make the biggest light she possibly can in our dark, dark world.

She's me.

(And she saw every. single. person that came to see her that night. Even the people without wristbands.)

If you don't have her book yet, it's really, really good. Even if you're skeptical, you should read it.
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MooBee Mama said...

I'm reading her book right now! So glad you got to meet her, I agree with everything you said in your post. She is the REAL DEAL man! We need lots more just like her.

Susie said...

Good stuff, Angela. I so very much like her, what fun to meet her in real life :)

jenn n' steve said...

I have to admit, I wasn't a fan of her when she was running, but after watching her recent interviews, I really respect her. I'm so excited you got to meet her!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

YAY! How exciting! I loved reading your conversation with Sarah. I think it is wonderful that you took the time to write her a note. I'm sure you blessed her!

bpk1300 said...

That is an excellent account and I found this on

I am so glad you and your daughter meet Madame 45. I join in prayer with you for Madame and her family.
God Bless

Glenn said...

Angela - I sat with tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks while reading your wonderful words given so freely to all of us, giving us glimpses of your joyful and loving heart. I am so happy for both you and Brit, your delightful daughter, at having had the opportunity to personally interact, even for moments, with the present day "Jean D'Arc. God bless you!