Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ian, reading from the Bed, Bath & Beyond flier: "Reter Series Kelett Popcorn Maker."

Me: "Retro Series Kettle Popcorn Maker."

Ian: "Oh, we should get one."

Me: "Really." (Not a question. A statement.)

Ian: "Well, it's $9.99. Wait. No. It's $99.99"

Me: "Yes, it is. It's a hundred dollars."

Ian: "You have that."

Me: "I do?"

Ian: "Yes, you do."

Me: "How do you know I do?"

Ian: "Because all adults have a hundred dollars."

Me: silence

Ian: "Don't they?"

Me: "Well, sometimes. But, it's usually for things other than popcorn makers."
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