Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tour of My Home

Yes, I know this post is a few days late. You can find the explanation of that here. But, what it comes down to is that I've had too many Christmases where I run around frantically freaking out and not really enjoying the season of my Savior as we're meant to enjoy it: with family and reflection and celebration.

So, welcome to my home. Just as it is. Well, just as it was night before last when I took these photos.
(And this is where I'm making my only apology. I am NOT a photographer. I do NOT take good pictures. I usually don't even take decent pictures. I also hate using my flash. So, these may be dark. They may be grainy. But, that's just how they are this year.) 

Why don't you grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and come inside?

I didn't get to hang any garland on the outside of the house this year. Something about it being a rental and stucco and Nate not wanting to repair things. *wink* That's okay. I still have my trees! Yay for trees!

I wrapped my lovely red berry wreath in the middle of the generic garland one. Loves!

Watch that step up as you come in the front door. You can't really see the trees on the floor that well. At one time they did light up. Well, they still do... the bottom half one and the top half on the other. =^) Next year I may just cut the pre-strung lights off and string my own (working) ones on. But, that was too much work for this year.

See my cute Santa collection on the table? Most things have a story. Around here we don't dislike Santa. In fact, we like him very much! He was a man who loved people and gave out of the goodness of his heart... not unlike the centerpiece of Christmas: Christ!

Come on in the rest of the house...

We moved the couches around to accommodate our tree. As I've said before, it's always a challenge figuring out where you're going to put things when you move into a new house.

I had to show you some ornaments. Mom got us some chalkboard ones that the kids write new stuff on every year. Last year one of them tried to write something on this ornament. It was so cute that I left it on. Can you read what it says? (Even with the backwards "J?")

Our tree is not necessarily a "themed" three, unless you count four children a theme. A lot of the decorations are ones they have made, like this angel from last Christmas. (Thank you, Lori Simmons!)

This cute moose we bought while on our honeymoon, and have kept getting ornaments from special places we visit ever since. (I can't find the Grand Canyon one from this past summer. Whoops!)

Oh, wow! We look so young! In college, we went to Lauree's house, where she took polaroids (Oh, my gosh!) and we made ornaments. We have three that go on our tree every single year. (That's baby Taylor. Awwww...)

You're still standing in front of the Christmas tree, but if you just turn a bit to your right, you can see my mantle. Because I have a mantle this year!!! Yay! I wasn't able to "hang" the garland the way I wanted to, so I "stuffed" it up there instead. Love!

Ooops. I forgot to put Abe's santa hat on him.

And can you just ignore the tv and pretend I have pretty shutters closed in front of it? Because they're supposed to be there. And they will be. As soon as I acquire them off of craigslist. And paint them white.

(The stockings go in order from Nate (L) down to Ian on the other end.)

If you look very carefully on the right hand side of the above picture, you can see some Christmas bins still not put away. Ha!

Let's see that cute little nativity a little closer. (Thanks, Lalena!)

Now if you'll turn back to your left and take a peek in the kitchen, you'll see some fantastic greenery atop the cabinets... and some handsome guy at the computer. (Hey, look! I didn't even clear off my countertops yet! A real blog that shows real people living real life. I wasn't sure they existed.)

Glittery ornaments. A cute sign. A little nativity. Some pictures with Santa for thumbing through. And that handsome guy in the background again.

And in-between the living room and kitchen is my cute little (dollar store) village I got eons ago. (Okay, four years. Same thing.) It's so cute! It was at their half-off sale the day after Christmas. That's right! Half-off at the dollar store. Each piece was fifty cents.  =^)

Remember staring at little villages and feeling like they must be actually alive? There's just some kind of magic about them. And it becomes more magical the closer you get.

If you turn a bit more to your right you can see the dining room. Red! I love red! (As if you couldn't tell by all the red berry garland tucked everywhere.)

The lit tree was made by Nate's Grandmother ages ago. And those little stockings hanging there? They say "Dad," "Mom," and "Taylor." My wonderful friend back in college blessed us with those for our first married Christmas. Even though we've added many more children and all have our stockings on the mantle now, they find a special place in our home every year. They will forever mean so much.

The shelves on the other side. And snowmen! Yay for snowmen! Let's get a close-up...

This is what is sitting in the middle of the table at the moment. Last year on Target clearance. I love me some country Christmas!

Thanks so much for coming over and hanging out with me for a bit. Glad you're a good enough friend that I could stay in my sweats and keep my hair pulled back, like I usually am if you stop by on most any given day. Sorry I forgot to light any of the candles, and I should go get Abe his santa hat while I'm thinking of it.

If you want to see last year's tour (when we were in California), you can go take a looksy! Thanks again for coming over. Don't be a stranger, okay?

(And, if you want to see more great Christmas-y cheer, go check out The Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes! So fun!)

Merry Christmas,

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amber said...

love you and so wish I could wander over in my pjs

Katie Glathar said...

what a joy! I loved that! sipping my cuppa tea! CHEERS!

Andrea said...

It looks great! Good job...even in the midst of moving and settling and finding new homes for all of your things :)

Katie said...

I love the stars above your fireplace! Great job!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Wow, not THATs a Christmas house! So lovely!! I wanna come over!!

Tracy James said...

Beautiful!! So cozy... Wish we could stop by and say hello! Miss you guys!!!

Rona's Home Page said...

I'm having a terrific time visiting everyone's home. I just loved all of your little touches.
All the decorations are just beautiful! Thank you for the tour!

Linda said...

You have a beautiful fav is...the mantel with all those awesome stars! Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You really got a lot done, and it all looks great! My favorite part are the lit trees by your walkway. LOVE that and have wanted to do it for years.

patty said...

lots of decorating! you've been a busy elf! love those great big stars.. and i have a hubby who doesn't like nail holes, either. sigh.
merry christmas!
{i'm still on tour w nester!}