Monday, December 7, 2009

"But, baby it's cold outside..."

I may be one of the few hear in Colorado that gets more excited the farther temperatures drop. I guess I've just missed it! I'm sure by spring I'll be crying and whining. You can beat me over the head then and remind me how I'm the one that asked for this.  =^)

Last Thursday I was thrilled to see the thermometer reading on the Suburban's rearview mirror drop to negative one. I'm the weirdo that takes pictures of stuff like this.

Then I squealed even more a few second later when it dropped to negative 3. So, I obviously had to take another picture.

Yes, I know. I'm nuts. I've never argued with you over that fact. These are just some of the things we here in Angela World get excited about. (You can see a bit of Nate's reflection in that second photo. Yes, that's a t-shirt neckline. Because that's all he ever wears. T-shirts. And shorts. And sandals. Even in sub-zero temperatures. Me? I love getting all bundled up! Pile on the layers, baby! We make a great pair, us two.)
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Summer said...

Woah lady!!! That is COOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!

I would die. Literally D-I-E. =)

Summer said...

P.S. I ordered Secret of the Secret Place.

jenn n' steve said...

ha! then you would love it here, right now its -11! With a high of -9 and a low of -25. I have to admit after living in LA for 3 years I was so excited to see snow again...its just so beautiful and fun! And you can always add more layers, there are only so many layers you can take off before its beyond whats socially acceptable.

Cortney said...

Looks like your car wants to go South!

Chilly up here too! I think I'll go to Vermont to... oh, wait it's cold there too. Well at least I'll have my sweetie to snuggle up to! :)